HP Netbooks

We have a fleet of 50 HP Mini 5101 computers that we will use for long term loaners for students to use while their computers are being serviced.

Below is a planning chart that the tech department is using to configure these computers and prepare them for use during the "soft launch" phase of our 1-1 project (the "soft launch" is taking place during the second semester of the 2009-2010 school year).

 Suggestions - Notes        
 Comments Percent Complete
 Load the following software: Gimp, Inkscape, VLC, Audacity, Scratch, Skype, Chromium, Flash, Geogebra (Geogebra includes Java)
 Need a PDF Reader (SJT)
 included by default (atc)
 What are some of the core apps that come installed with Ubuntu?
 firefox, openoffice, a pdf reader, image viewer (jpg, gif etc), calculator, cd/dvd writer, screen shot, cheese (photobooth clone), empathy (im client), transmission (torrent client), sound recorder, rythmbox (ie iTunes), movie player
 Email shortcut link in task bar
  will be included
 Remove Evolution email client                                        
 Can't actually remove evolution, but we will remove it from the task bar.
 will be removed
 Disable bluetooth
 disabled in BIOS
disabled in BIOS
 Test and evaluate the ease of use in joining other networks (like home networks)
Works great for single access point WPA2.  Roaming between same SSID often causes drops.  (ATC)
 Configure Firefox to clear out saved passwords, usernames, browser history, etc, after each session
 Firefox will be set up to do this whenever it closes.
 Firefox clear user data on exit
 Universal media player for Firefox
 need gstreamer plugins for this.
 gstreamer plugins (mov etc.)
 turn off firefox setting that asks to remember passwords, sign in information, etc
  Firefox amnesia
optimizing power management settings
 in default install
 Configure Open Office so it saves in the .doc format by default
  configure openoffice to save to .doc
 Additional Software
 scratch, vlc, gimp, inkscape, skype, chromium, geogebra
 scratch, vlc, gimp, inkscape, skype, chromium, geogebra
 Wireless Testing 12-10-2009 I tested the netbook on my home wifi network and it did not re-associate itself with the wireless upon boot-up on at least one occasion (Matt) UPDATE-this was true under the tech login, but under the student login I didn't have these problems. 
Change Open Office to save as .doc as default
 turn off any automatic updates
 work on optimizing power management
 choose a theme setting that allows menus to fully appear in various apps (like skype). Radio buttons don't clearly fill in the default theme either.