• Discussion of Phase II Results

The result of Phase II of the Arkansas SRA represents the estimated land area considered to be potentially at-risk for resource degradation with regard to the 29 natural resource concerns addressable by NRCS programs within Arkansas. These at-risk areas were identified within our expert-designed GIS models because of their possibility of existing or future degradation due to natural or anthropogenic phenomena. The 2012 SRA inventory of risk to 29 natural resource concerns will serve as a guide for conservation planning within Arkansas. The models will be continuously refined and enhanced as new data, information and processes are identified. The process of modeling these at-risk areas within Arkansas was dependent upon the existing digital geospatial datasets, NRCS staff expertise and involvement of the Conservation Partners and community. The Arkansas SRA project team has gathered additional information and refined input GIS datasets during this project to improve their delineation of areas with the greatest need for conservation programs. The input from the local scientific and natural resource conservation experts was invaluable to the GIS model development during this project.  Their input and collective experience helped NRCS improve these phase II GIS models into a better representation of the collective expert opinion of the risks to each resource concern within the state.

The full collection of input data layer maps and larger versions of the resulting model output maps are located online at the Resource Assessment of Arkansas website. Complete GIS datasets and metadata for each of the model input layers and resulting raster datasets are also available for download and are compatible with ESRI ArcGIS 10 products.