• Executive Summary

The State Resource Assessment (SRA) of Arkansas has used the best available geospatial datasets and guidance from the local resource manager input from not only the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff but also their conservation partners to build Geographic Information System (GIS) models that reflect the extent and distribution of twenty-nine potential natural resource concerns.

The Phase I project requirements were originally completed and delivered June 1, 2011. Those initial twenty-nine datasets and their corresponding GIS models represented the completion of the required phase I delineations for all potentially at-risk acres within Arkansas for 29 of the 31 individual natural resource concerns requested by the NRCS National Headquarters.

The completion of the 2012 Phase II update to the Arkansas SRA has refined and provided further prioritization of NRCS conservation efforts to the watershed level within Arkansas. This phase of the project was primarily completed during 2012 and all twenty-nine of the natural resource concern models were further refined while a knowledge transfer and customized GIS training materials were presented to the  NRCS – Little Rock staff so that future SRA updates may be completed within the Arkansas NRCS office. The Phase II model results were reviewed with conservation partners and their input during this phase of the project provided additional context to support the refinement of these results which better reflect the collective knowledge of the natural resource managers within Arkansas.