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Purpose of the State Resource Assessment from National Perspective
The State Resource Assessment is a vital tool for helping NRCS conduct business. As the primary annual, national resource assessment; it represents an abbreviated national planning effort to help identify the nation's most critical resources needs, and facilitates a process for NRCS to direct resources toward such identified needs. The SRA can also serve as a mechanism from which the agency can communicate it's business - both internally and externally.

Arkansas Objectives for Phase II of the State Resource Assessment of Arkansas
Additional national directives for Phase II will be released later this year; however, until those national directives are released the RAAR team will be moving forward with the following two broad objectives:
  1. Identify any additional data sources along with NRCS staff and/or their partners not collected during Phase I of the this project that would benefit the model output. Run tests of the proposed changes and distribute those results to the project partners and NRCS for review and comment.
  2. Meet with project partners and gather input/direction for testing their proposals for the appropriate data layers to be included in the model and the weighting factor used for each data layer.
Several tasks were completed in support of these objectives:
  • Refine/Expand Input Data Layers for each model (correct any miscommunication, typos, etc..) on some NRCS; corrections and suggested changes by TC’s are outlined in DRAFT document from January 2012.
  • Revise Land Use Designation weights if needed.
  • Review/Modify any classified input data layers from natural breaks (and/or those previously specified by NRCS) to equal interval.
  • Re-compute the model outputs; redistribute for review and comments.
  • Compute/Review models w/different weight settings and compare weighted value differences (via histogram) and test HUC12 aggregation methods.
  • Re-compute models; for each 8 digit huc determine the range of model values and select the upper end of the pixel values to aggregate and then summarize extent(acres) for each huc12 with the particular 8 digit huc (for each Resource Concern Model).
  • Evaluate the impact of Removing ‘areas’ NOT acceptable for NRCS programs BEFORE we summarize to the huc12… this gives a ranking from top to bottom for huc12’s in relation to one another per huc8.
Final Report for Phase II - State Resource Assessment, GIS Methodology
Phase II of the State Resource Assessment was completed in December 2012 and the final report was complied and submitted to the NRCS Little Rock Office in March 2013. The report is available for download below.