• Conclusion and Recommendations - Phase I

The initial phase of Arkansas SRA was completed by June 1, 2011 and in compliance with the national directives from NRCS headquarters delivered on March 31, 2011. The bulk of the modeling effort and data compilation was completed within two months to accommodate the national project deadline set by NRCS headquarters. The Arkansas SRA Project Team was fortunate to have started earlier in 2010 gathering data and meeting with conservation partners. The Conservation Partners provided very valuable input and many key GIS datasets that helped the NRCS leadership team with their model parameter specifications for the 29 natural resource concerns addressed within this phase. While the NRCS project team was able to collectively identify and model 29 of the resource concerns of interest to their National headquarters, the goal of the Arkansas SRA Project Team within phase II will be to review and refine these 29 GIS models to confirm they represent both the distribution and appropriate relative weighting of each resource concern within Arkansas. Additional datasets were considered for use during phase I models but were not included due to the time constraints of our June deadline. The project team will review those data and possibly incorporate them into revised phase II GIS models to determine their impact on the estimated potential at-risk acres for each natural resource concern in Arkansas.

During phase II, a focus upon the refinement of selected phase I input model layers and the normalization of individual GIS layer weights are recommended. During the refinement of the models developed within phase I, a continued search for applicable GIS datasets and their inclusion into the input data layers for each natural resource concern model should be completed.

Finally, after a collective review and approval of any resource concern model revision, the allocation of the updated acres at risk into the 8 digit hydrologic units and the corresponding NRCS districts would be very beneficial for planning resource allocations and NRCS conservation treatment activities within Arkansas.