• Acknowledgements

The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies would like to thank all of the NRCS Leadership Team, Technical Teams and agency staff, as well as conservation partners who contributed their time, data and knowledge resources to this project. Their cooperation and collaboration was greatly appreciated during this project.

This project was completed under a Cooperative Agreement between the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (Agreement # 68-7103-1-391).

NRCS Staff

Mike Sullivan, State Conservationist NRCS
Luis Hernandez, MLRA Leader/State Soil Scientist NRCS
Pam Cooper, Resource Inventory Specialist NRCS
Reed Cripps, Assistant Conservationist for Easements NRCS
Nancy Young, State Resource Conservationist NRCS
Walt Delp, State Conservation Engineer NRCS
Edgar Mersiovsky, Senior Soil Scientist NRCS
Nelson Rolong, Assistant State Soil Scientist NRCS
John Lee, State Agronomist NRCS
Lane Johnson, Assistant State Conservation Engineer NRCS
Charlotte Bowie, State Irrigation Engineer NRCS
Wavey Austin, Environmental Engineer NRCS
George Rheinhardt, Forester NRCS
Ron Morrow, Grazing Land Specialist NRCS
James Baker, Biologist NRCS
Rich Joslin, Resource Conservationist NRCS
Shawn Brewer, Hydraulic Engineer NRCS

NRCS Conservation Partners

Terry Holland, USGS Arkansas Water Science Center
Joe Krystofik, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Jason Milks, The Nature Conservancy - Arkansas
Ethan Inlander, The Nature Conservancy - Arkansas
Melissa Jenks, The Nature Conservancy - Arkansas
Roger Mangham, The Nature Conservancy - Arkansas
Matt Lindsey, The Nature Conservancy - Arkansas
Bill Holiman, Department of Arkansas Heritage
Chris Colclasure, Department of Arkansas Heritage
Tom Foti, Department of Arkansas Heritage
Dan Scheiman, Audubon Arkansas
Dan Smith P.G., Arkansas Department of Health
Ricky Chastain, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Martin Blaney, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
David Long, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Steve Filipek, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies Staff and Graduate Students

Dr. Jackson Cothren, CAST Director
R. Brian Culpepper, GIS Project Manager
Hanna L. Ford, U of A Geosciences Department Graduate Student
Mark Cooper, U of A Geosciences Department Graduate Student