Here are some tips on how to utilize this page:

  • The scholarships listed on this page are state-wide and national. 
  • These applications should be turned in to the organization offering the award, not to Cassville High School. 
  • These scholarships can be found in detail on the left sidebar in alphabetical order. 
  • I am updating them as I hear from the donors, yet many of them won't be updated until after January. For your convenience, scholarships updated for 2018 have their deadlines in purple within the links on the left. Please be advised, if a scholarship has the note "Awaiting 2018 updates from donor" you can review the material but don't use old application materials or deadlines until they appear in purple. I felt it was better for you to see the information from last year instead of removing it so you can get a peek of what is ahead.
  • Local scholarships specific to Cassville become available approximately March. 

Please be advised that edits are being made to update for the Spring 2018 scholarship season!

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