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Vision and Mission

We at Cassim Investments are committed to developing long-term relationships, offering quality Investment advice and giving personalized services to our valuable clients.

Company Profile

Cassim Investments (Private) Limited is a leading investment driven corporate TREC holder of the Karachi Stock Exchange.  The Firm traces its legacy to 66 years ago, when Mr. Akbarally Cassim, who was one of the founding members of the KSE launched his stock brokerage firm under the name Akbarally Cassim & Sons.  Mr. Akbarally Cassim played as integral role in the Development of the Exchange, as the Institutions first treasurer, before going on to become vice president.  He is credited with having built the New Building of the KSE.

Mr. Firozuddin A. Cassim is credited with continuing his father’s legacy.  He first became vice-president of the Exchange, then became its president in 1986 and 1987 and in 2003, he headed the Exchange as its Chairman.  Mr. Firozuddin A. Cassim also spearheaded the formation of KSE–100 index, in 1992, he conceptualized the idea and founded the Islamabad Stock Exchange and in 1990 Akbarally Cassim & Sons pioneered in bringing foreign investment to Pakistan’s equity markets through the Commonwealth Equity Fund, USA.

In 2007, Akbarally Cassim & Sons was transformed into a corporate entity and adopted the name Cassim Investments (Private) Limited. The name and logo were carefully chosen to brand the name Cassim as synonymous with the word Investments. 

Today, Cassim Investment (Private) Limited is an investment boutique that focuses on corporate finance and equity market needs of its clients, which comprises of corporate, high net-worth individuals and institutional investment managers.

We hereby announce the demise of Mr. Firozuddin A. Cassim, B.A., M.A., L.L.B. and Chief Executive and Director, on August 6, 2018.

Products and Services

We offer primarily brokerage services to our clients based primarily on research driven ideas.

Management Profile

Mr. Ali Cassim, B.A., CFA, Chief Executive and Director

Mr. Habib Ali, B.Com and Chief Operating Officer

Auditors and Legal Advisers

Auditors: BDO Ebrahim & Co (Chartered Accountants)

2nd Floor, Block C, Lakson Square Building No.1, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi,

Work: +9221 35683030, 3568319

Legal Advisor: Moton Law Associates

13–B, 6th Zamzama Street, DHA, Phase 5, Karachi

Registered Agents

Mr. Ali Cassim

Work: +9221 32462614-5

Cell: +9221 333 2285129

Email: ali@cassim.net

Contact Information

Registered and Principal Office: 26-28 Karachi Stock Exchange Building, Stock Exchange Road, Karachi

Work: +9221 32462610–12

Fax: +9221 32414742

Email: investments@cassim.net