June-August Calendar:

8-26: Back-to-School Night at 5pm...RRE Gym and BBQ

Geography Bee Contestants 

Patriot Day
Raft River Elementary honors the ones we lost that tragic day. 

Jog-A-Thon T-shirt Contest Winners!

              BOX TOP$

            Raft River Elementary has been collecting Box Top$ for a number of years. The money our school receives from Box Top$ has enabled us to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of playground equipment, PE equipment and classroom supplies for your children. This money goes directly to hands on things that your child gets to use. We have decided to create a little excitement amongst the students by having monthly classroom competitions. We will count the number of Box Top$ in each class the last day of the month. The winning class will earn a popcorn party. Please help support Raft River Elementary by having your children hand in their Box Top$ to their classroom teachers. Thank you.

Kindergarten 2013-2014:

Our Kindergarten will be all day on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's. Our SpEd preschool will also be those days. We stayed away from Monday's and Friday's due to late start and no-school on those days throughout the year. RRE and every other school in the district is no longer given the option to choose for themselves whether or not they want all day every day. Here is how this works from here on out and why:

Kindergarten students are awarded an ADA at a rate of only 0.5. All other grades receive a full 1.0 ADA per student in the building. So, according to the state if you have 20 students in your class they are only funding us for a half day of Kindergarten. If we have 40 kindergarten students that funding is now equal to a 1.0 Kindergarten teacher. RRE and Oakley are in the same boat with 20-25 students next year. If they give us all day every day we are taking funds to pay for that teacher from another certified staff member that should be hired somewhere else in the district. So, if our Kindergarten reaches a number where we can't feasibly put all of them into 1 class, the Board would approve a split. With just 25 students that does not justify this, so we were given the option of all day 3 days per week or 1/2 day everyday. Due to the geographical location of our school and the fact that we have 10 kids coming in from over 30 minutes away we are not able to go with the 1/2 day option. We will go Tue, Wed and Thu all day, for the reasons stated above. Kindergarten teachers in the district who are in this boat (RRE and Oakley) are required to spend their other days/time in another classroom(s) or their own classroom helping with academic instruction, reading pull-out groups, etc. They are still 1.0 Certified FTE, but have to be used in a different capacity. 

There is one question that many of you are probably asking, "Why now when we've had all day every day before?" The answer from Dr. Smyer and the Board was simple. Funding has never been this low. It was not a problem years ago to borrow money to fund all day every day. At this point in time there is a precedence that is being set, that if you don't qualify for all day every day you can only have a 1/2 time Kindergarten teacher. I hope this all makes sense. 

I know that is a lot to take in. If you have any questions please ask me. I hope this information is helpful in keeping you informed. Thank you for your support.

Jerrod Dastrup 

Idaho Stae Department of Education and Idaho Core


School Connect

Parents of Raft River Elementary,                    

Did you know that you can see your child’s grades on your phone? Have you downloaded the app that will keep the school calendar and website on your phone? Now you can keep up with what's happening at our school anywhere, anytime right from your smart phone with School Connect. School Connect is a free mobile app that enables you to stay connected to your student's school and have school information sent directly to you, wherever and whenever you need it. Whether it's access to grades through PowerSchool, emergency notifications, classroom reminders, direct emails to teachers, links to district websites, weather as your child boards the bus or school calendars- School Connect makes all this information available from your smartphone  Download and use for FREE from your app store and start your school connections TODAY! SCHOOL CONNECT has a white schoolhouse in a blue box as an icon! If you do not have a smartphone with the capability of downloading the app you can still receive all of these notifications via email or text message by registering with School Connect on their website. Here is the link to do so.  http://api.schoolconnectapps.com/mobile_app/login.php

Accelerated Reader

You can use this link to search for AR books and much more.




Reporting Signs of Abuse

          As of October 1, 2013 a new system has been put into place for reporting abuse or signs of abuse. Anyone can report. Callers remain anonymous.

-         Call: 1-855-552-5437

-         Follow prompts.

         Based on your message the call will be categorized as:

1- Priority #1; Immediate Response

2- Priority #2; Response within 48 hours

3- Priority #3; Response within 72 hours

4- Priority #4; A case has been generated and a file created

          It is a community/team effort to ensure the safety of your children. If you have any suspicion please do not hesitate to call the number. Law enforcement has been using this system for a few months and is ready to respond to your call. I am more than happy to hear your concerns in person, but this is the phone call that eventually will need to be made for action to ensue. Thank you for your watchful eyes. The old adage rings true, “It takes a village to raise a child.”


Jerrod Dastrup