National Distinguished School for the State of Idaho
A+ School of Excellence Award Winner

Our school Safety Team has been reviewing our school's safety procedures, to better insure the safety of our students.  The team has added some new procedures to make our plan even more effective.  Please share these new safety procedures at home and with anyone you designate to pick up or drop off your children at Dworshak.

1. Use the front door (all other doors and gates are locked)
2. Stay in the front foyer until the Office Staff help you.
3. Please sign in at the office and obtain a Visitor's Pass to access the building OR the playground.  If you're entering the playground, please check in with the playground duty personnel.
4. Remember to sign back out before you leave.
5. If you are in the building or the playground and are not wearing a Visitor Pass you will be asked to go to the office to obtain one.

All of these steps are being put in place to add one more layer of security to our existing school safety procedures, to make sure we're as safe as we can be here at Dworshak.  Your children are important to you...and they are important to us.  Thanks for your understanding and support.

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                August 27  6:00-7:30
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                September 2   First day of school

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