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Principal's News

One thing about education…change is certain. We have been learning about and studying the new Common Core State Standards. This is a set of standards that over 30 states have adopted, Idaho being one of them. These standards are much more rigorous and help direct teachers “when to teach what”. The English/Language Arts Standards will require more writing across the curriculum. All content areas will be required to have students writing. The Math Standards will accelerate the learning process for our students.

I believe these standards will help our staff be more effective and will help our students reach their potential. Definitely exciting times!

Thank you for helping us Make a Difference with your children!

Steve Copmann


Important Grade Information!

The purpose of this message is to help prevent low scores and to prevent going to summer school or the possibility of going to the Alternative school next year.

Some students are choosing to not do homework, resulting in many zeros.  After a few zeros, discouragement sets in.  Grades get low and hard to bring up.  It is so important that all homework is finished and turned in on time.

Please ask, “Show me your homework…show me your finished homework.”  When kids hear… “Do you have homework?”…they may choose to say “no” because they would rather not do homework.  It is important that students consistently use their planner.  Assignments and due dates need to be written in the planner each period, each day.  Students need to have an organized system for each class, so finished assignments are always kept in their specific spots and found easily when the teacher calls for them.

Please note the Idaho State Law regarding promotion which has been written on the report cards and progress reports: 

According to the Idaho State Law, students must pass 80% of their semester grades to be promoted to the next grade. This means that if you have math every day, you need to pass at least 15 semester classes.  Math every other day means you need to pass at least 16 semester classes. Also, if a core class (English, Math, Science, Geography/History, or Reading) is failed both semesters, that class must be taken and passed at summer school. If these requirements aren’t met by the end of the year or by the end of summer school, then the student will begin school next fall at the Alternative school.


Three things are very important for students:  1. Always finish every assignment.  2.  Always do your best.  3.  Always get assignments in on time.  These 3 things would prevent D’s and F’s.  These three points are important life skills no matter if we are a student, son, daughter, parent, or worker.  Sometimes, when students are mostly finished with an assignment, they choose not to hand it in because it isn’t ALL finished.  Students always need to hand in whatever they have.  Some points are more than no points at all.


There is Math tutoring after school each Tues., and Wed. and Thurs. from 3:15 to 4:30.  The tutoring schedules are found on the student’s math teacher’s door.  For the Math 8 book, there is an online site that is very helpful:  Tab  for “students”, then press “go”, and click on the blue book.  These tutorials are wonderful help!  There is also that is also a helpful site for Math and many other subjects. 


Please call me any time with your concerns.  If I am not in, please leave a message and I will return your call.





Mrs. Ramsey, Counselor                                                                                               

878-6613 or 878-3710 ext. 112

Back to School News

Pay fees online: 

Pay fees online


  18-19  Volleyball Tryouts; 8:00 am at the CSI Gym; Please bring a
           current physical and athletic packet (call the office for this
           packet 878-6613 or pick up at the District Office.)

  18       8th Grade Football practice begins; 9:00-11:00 at the Burley
          Junior High Field;  If interested, please come to the first practice
          for more information.

  19-20  School Registration8:00-2:00; Students will receive their
          schedule.  Please be prepared to pay for school fees at this time.
          7th Grade Students MUST have their updated immunizations to
          start school!


  2        First day of school.  Just a reminder that school goes from
          8:25-3:15 (Mondays 8:25-2:15) and that students are required to
          be in school EVERY DAY unless they are sick or have made prior
          arrangements with teachers AND the front office...

Every day counts…because children achieve better when they attend school all day, every day.

Every day counts…because good attendance means better success in life.

Every day counts…because school helps children build social and emotional skills such as communication, teamwork and resilienc

Zero Policy

1.  Students will have one week from the date the teacher posts the grades to get the zero made up.

2.  If a teacher collects and assignment, but doesn't correct/enter it, he/she will use the green X to show that it has been collected. If a student doesn't turn it in, the teacher will use the tan box to show it is missing. This will be an indicator to both the student and the parents that it is being considered a zero and they have one week from that date to turn it in. The student will have until the end of the day on the day that the zero is due.

3.  When the grade is made up, the teacher will use the red triangle designation to show that the grade is a made up "late" grade.

4. The grade the student receives on the zero make-up work will be reduced by 20%. Core in Spanish