New ClassLink Chooser

New ClassLink - CC Gateway (use Active Directory Login)
Use your Active Directory login credentials (firstname.lastname). If you have an AD login please select this.
Old ClassLink - CC Gateway (use Novell Login)
Use your Novell login credentials, usually first initial+last name and maybe some numbers. Old ClassLink will be shut down September 30, 2015 along with Novell.

Additional Information ...

This is a temporary landing page for ClassLink and will be removed after the transition to Active Directory has been completed. Please begin using the NEW ClassLink once you have your AD login and password.

Note: Custom settings you may have configured in the Old ClassLink - CC Gateway, will need to be reconfigured in the New ClassLink - CC Gateway.


The college is in the process of moving users and network services from Novell eDirectory (eDir) to Microsoft Active Directory (AD). This process has exposed a need for another instance of ClassLink so AD users don't have to keep using their eDir logins.

The Old ClassLink - CC Gateway will be decommissioned after it's no longer needed and this chooser web page will go away.

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