Safe Entrance and Main Office Remodel. The new front will have a secure entrance. During the school day, all visitors will be required to gain access to the school through the main office. The faculty/facilities committee recommended the expansion of the current entrance hallway area into a lobby area that connects to the cafeteria. 

Academic/Community Multi-Purpose Addition. The faculty/facilities committee favored the academic/community multi-purpose addition to be located above the remodeled main office/entrance. The centralized location will allow for easy after-hours community access and improve its functionality during the school day. This new addition will include a new LMC, online-learning center, a community room, and student commons areas.

Cardio-Fitness Center Addition. The faculty/facilities committee has identified the current Ag/Metals areas as the ideal location for this component of the multi-purpose addition. This design will connect the HS gym to the new fitness center.

Agriculture Science and Technology Education Addition. Building the Cardio-Fitness Center adjacent to the gym provides the opportunity to add a new Agriculture Science and Technology Education Addition adjacent to the current industrial education area. The addition will be built on the newly acquired land behind the high school.