RAR Submission Guidelines

Research in Accounting Regulation's required method of submission is through electronic PDF document delivery to the editor via email. The Editor’s email is: GJP@CASE.EDU. Submission of manuscripts through e-mail and other file transfer protocols speeds up delivery and reduces transaction costs for the authors and the editors. Author(s) identity should be confined to a separate file that contains all the author information, including the identification of the ‘contact’ author and the abstract. A separate file containing the complete manuscript, with the abstract appearing at the top, is to be provided for review distribution. Please be sure to check the “Properties” feature of PDF to be sure authorship is not identified, as this compromises the referee process by providing such information. At present there is no submission fee. Do not recommend reviewers for your manuscript, while this practice is employed by other journals it is not our practice to ask your guidance on such matters.

Upon receipt of the manuscript the editor will perform a ‘desk review’ to determine if the manuscript should be sent out for a full review. This desk review is undertaken to facilitate processing, assess the fit of the paper with the scope and objectives of RAR and to assess whether the manuscript has the potential to be a main paper, a research report, a capsule commentary, or one of the other areas of paper classification.

Footnotes, citations, and text notes should conform to the style used in American Accounting Association journals. Upon acceptance, authors must sign a copyright responsibility statement and copyright release, and will be notified as to specific publication requirements of the publisher that must be met on a timely response basis. Research in Accounting Regulation is published in two softbound volumes per year. There is no specific guidance available as to how long a particular review will require. The pace of the review and its quality are a joint effort of the editor and assigned reviewers. Manuscript acceptance decisions are the responsibility of the editor.

Compliance with the guidelines will enhance the process of your review. (NOTE: Please include “RAR” as an opening set of letters on the SUBJECT LINE in submitting an email for initial or subsequent communication. Because Research in Accounting Regulation uses extensive electronic publishing aides we ask our authors to make a few concessions to that process so that we are better able to meet our deadlines. To that end we have developed the following guidance.


Courier, 10-pitch, non-proportional.


Left and right one-inch margins.


Separate paragraphs with two spaces.

Do not use "hanging indents."

Citation paragraphs are denoted with double quotes ("...paragraph")


Indents, when necessary, with 4 or 5 spaces (not tabs). Please avoid, if possible.

Do not use underlining to emphasize.

Numbered items are typed with a period, then two spaces (NOT a tab).


Submit tables and charts on separate sheets (not included in the body text) in exactly the form you want them to appear. Avoid charts or tables that require a "landscape" (horizontal) format.


If deemed necessary, a checker software may be employed. Authors are deemed to accept this review as part of the submission protocol and of their professional responsibility.