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Cleveland Circus

posted May 15, 2012, 4:30 PM by Jonathan Duff   [ updated Apr 19, 2013, 6:09 PM ]

The Cleveland Circus is a juggling convention hosted by the Case Western Reserve University Juggling Club. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend! It will start at 6pm on Friday October 19th and run until 3pm on Sunday October 21st in Adelbert Gym. This event will include open juggling throughout the weekend, a raffle, t-shirts, fun competitions and workshops.

Please note:
1. Participants under the age of 18 years old need a parent to sign their waiver. Email me for a copy of the waiver. (
2. Unicycle riding is not allowed in the gym.

Friday October 19th
6pm - Gym opens for open juggling.
10pm - Gym closes for the night.

Saturday October 20th
10am - Gym Opens
10am – 6pm Open Juggling
10:30am – 11:15am Beginner 3 Ball Workshop
11:15am - 12pm Workshop – Aaron Bonk - Devil Stick
12pm – 12:45pm Workshop – Bill Coad - Multiplex
12:45pm –1:30pm Workshop – Aaron Bonk - Basic Whip Cracking, Robin - Diabolo
1:30pm – 2:15pm Workshop – Charles Cartier – Cigar Box Breakout Session
2:15pm – 3pm Workshop – Aaron Bonk - Hat Tricks
3pm - 4:45pm Competitions!
4:45pm Raffle Prizes Announced
4:55pm Group Picture!
5pm – 5:45pm Workshop – Aaron Bonk- Getting Paid to Juggle
6pm - Gym Closes
7:30pm - Public Juggling Show!
10pm - Gym opens for after show juggling.
Renegade show - show off whatever you want!
12am - Gym closes for the night

Sunday October 21st
10am - Gym opens for open juggling.
3pm - Gym closes end of convention.

The Saturday night show will be in Strosacker Auditorium. It features Aaron Bonk and many other amazing performers. Tickets will be $1 per person, but FREE for students.

Gballz -
Todd Smith Juggling Equipment -
Jolly Lama -
SP Juggling
YoYo Sam-
Pass the Props -

Raffle Prizes:
1. Whip - Metro Whips
2. Set of Tossaball Hybrid Juggling Balls from Flying Clipper -
3. 7 N8 Series 110g + 1 Gbag to hold the ballz - Gballz
4. Black Jolly Stix (Include DVD) - Jolly Lama
5. 2 LED Glow Poi (Include LR44 12-pack) - Jolly Lama
6. 3 Multi-color LED Jolly Balls (Include LR44 10-pack) - Jolly Lama
7. 3 PX3 Sirius clubs - Neon Husky
8. Snowflake T-shirt - Neon Husky
9. Sundia Triple Bearing Shinings - Diabolo Galaxy
10. Toroflux - Flowtoys
11. 1 Free Parking Voucher for UH Garage! (x3)
12. $10 Gift Card to Jolly Scholar (x2)
13. $30 Gift Certificate to La Dolce Vita (In Little Italy)
14. YoYo Sam
15. Dube

Snacks will be sold throughout the convention.

Fun Competitions:
5 Ball Endurance
Quarter Juggling
Club Balancing
3 Ball Blind Juggling
3 Ball Simon Says
Distance Passing
Best Trick
Best Trick (12 and under)
5 Club Endurance

Recommended Parking:
Lot 53 Veale Parking Garage. Located at 2158 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106. Cost is 10$ per day.

Adelbert Gym- 2128 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106
Strosacker Auditorium- 2125 Adelbert Road Cleveland, OH 44106
Near Cleveland Clinic, on Case Western Reserve University Campus, across from Severance Hall.
Adelbert Road is on Euclid Avenue between MLK Drive and Mayfield.
Front of Adelbert Gym:
Adelbert is in the middle, Strosacker Auditorium is in the upper left and Veale parking garage is in the bottom right:
Adelbert is to the right with Veale in back left. Look for the purple sign that says “Visitor Parking”:

Here are the hotels in the area (University Circle):
The closest one is:
The cheapest one is:

Tasty restaurants nearby:
On Case campus- Jolly Scholar (5 minute walk from Adelbert Gym)
Thwing Center - 11111 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106
Little Italy- La Dolce Vita (10 minute walk from Adelbert Gym)
12112 Mayfield Road, Cleveland, OH 44106

If you have any questions or you would like to donate an item to the raffle please email: