About Us

Highlights from the 2016 Case Juggling Club Spectacular!

About Us

Established in 2003, the club was created to teach, practice and perform juggling and other circus arts. We've drawn in many members and welcomed many types of juggling, from Cigar Boxes to Unicycle. We encourage everyone to join, regardless if you are a novice or professional. Currently, we practice on the lawn outside of Leutner Commons during fair weather. Otherwise, we practice inside Leutner next to the Fireside Lounge. Just look for the people juggling things. It's pretty hard to miss.

To sign up for our mailing list, e-mail us at juggle@case.edu. If you have questions related to performance requests or any further questions, please e-mail juggle@case.edu.

And last of all, b
e sure to check out our video and photo galleries!

What we do

At each meeting, we practice, teach, and perform various circus arts including:

General Juggling:
  • Balls
  • Clubs
  • Rings
  • Passing
  • Devil Sticks
  • Cigar Boxes
  • Poi
  • Contact Juggling
  • Staff
  • Hoola Hoop

Skill Toys:
  • Diabolo and Chinese Yo-Yo
  • Yoyo
  • Kendama
  • Pen Spinning
  • Spin Top
  • Unicycle
  • Slackline
  • Stilts
  • Rolla-Bolla
  • Rip Stick
  • Plate Spinning
Don't worry if you have never juggled any of these props before. We will help you learn.

Also If you've got circus arts-related talents (acrobatics or magic tricks) that aren't on our list, we still want you to join us and share your unique skills!

Practice Location and Time

Every Tuesday and Thursday: 6-9pm
summer schedules may vary

In Good Weather: Lawn outside Leutner Commons
In Poor Weather: Inside Leutner, on the lower level.


President   Kai Smith

Vice President  Tim Watkins

Treasurer  Matt Wade
Webmasters Jakob Rubin & Nikhil Mysore

PR  David Miranda

Graphics  Matt Elmo

Former Presidents

 Joris Lambrecht
 Chris Chang

 James Kogler

 Oliver Ritter
 2010-2011  Craig Swallow
2011-2012  Brian Robb  
 2012-2015  Jonathan Duff