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These tools/code are available for noncommercial use free of charge. Other usage should contact Dr. Li ( All right are reserved. 

PedPhase is an implementation of our haplotype inference algorithms for pedigree data. It tries to find a haplotype configuration with minimum number of recombinant, which is different from Ped_IBD. 

Ped_IBD is a program for recombination breakpoint identification, IBD inference and haplotype inference from pedigrees with many untyped members. It utilizes a HHM. MML is a program for haplotype inference by joint analysis of pedigree and population data. 

MAVEN is an online tool for visualization and functional analysis of genome-wide association results.


HapMiner is an implementation of our haplotype-based association mapping method for case-control data. 


GS is a computer program for generating samples for association studies.


DIR is an online tool for candidate disease gene prioritization.


SVMiner is a structure variation detection tool. 


VIP is a SNP variant detection tool from pooled DNAs. 


DTECD is a decision tree-based SNP interaction detection tool.

Bellerophon is a program for detecting large scale genome rearrangements.

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