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Active learning event for faculty and administrators, March 19

posted Mar 11, 2014, 7:19 AM by Gina Tabasso

For faculty who would like to learn more about how they can get students actively involved in their classes, ITS is hosting an active learning event on March 19 in Thwing Center’s Ballroom.  We invite faculty and administrators who would like a voice in designing and redesigning learning spaces to attend.

Case Western Reserve University began an active learning initiative more than one year ago to explore active learning across the curriculum. As part of the initiative, two classrooms were redesigned to promote active learning, including flexible furniture, multiple shared writing surfaces, and state-of-the-art collaborative technologies. In addition, a faculty fellowship was created, with 12 faculty selected to design or redesign a course using active learning pedagogies and technologies.

Fellows taught in a range of classrooms, from the newly redesigned spaces to more traditional large, tiered classrooms. Each of the courses approached active learning from the perspective of academic discipline, number of students enrolled, and the learning space, which lead to numerous examples of how active learning can be accomplished. We are currently in the process of redesigning two additional learning spaces, tweaking others, and selecting another round of fellows.

During the event, attendees will:

  • Hear faculty and student stories related to active learning

  • Help design new learning spaces and share feedback on their classrooms

  • Share their thoughts about the future of education at Case Western Reserve

  • Learn more about the technologies faculty and students use in an active learning environment

  • Experience what it is like to be in an active learning environment, including getting familiar with the furniture and technologies used in active learning spaces

We invite faculty and administrators to join us on March 19, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Thwing Center, The Ballroom, to learn more and find out how they can get involved in Case Western Reserve’s active learning initiative and benefit from ITS services offered to faculty.

Please register no later than Friday, March 14 and join us on March 19 in the Thwing Ballroom:

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