IT Governance at Case Western Reserve University 2015


Universities rely on IT governance to play four important roles:

  • IT governance is the process by which an institution engages its diverse stakeholders to establish priorities for technology investment that are aligned with institutional goals and priorities. 
  • IT governance structures and processes influence the development and design of technology services, policies and solutions.
  • IT governance coordinates services and decision-making between technology organizations in schools and departments and the central technology organization. 
  • IT governance groups and processes promote transparency, accountability and dialogue about technology that facilitates effective technology adoption.

IT Governance at Case Western Reserve University consists of the following groups:

 Primary Role
Executive IT CommitteeSet annual goals
Authorize major projects and investments
Approve policy changes
Review outcomes
Priorities Review Board 
Approve feasibility and design phase of major projects
Recommend major projects and initiatives
Recommend priorities
FSCICT (Faculty Senate Committee on Information and Communications Technology 
Shape annual goals for technology
Provide feedback on proposed priorities and initiatives
Review outcomes
ITSPAC (Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee)
Discuss major trends in technology
Provide feedback on initiatives with broad impacts
Support communication efforts
ITSPAC Subcommittees  
Identify new needs
Participate in solution design
Help prioritize small projects within domain of committee
Provide feedback on proposed priorities and initiatives