Information Technology Governance Groups

 Primary Role
Executive Steering Committee Set annual goals
Authorize major projects and investments
Approve policy changes
Review outcomes
Bud Baeslack
John Sideras
John Wheeler
Lev Gonick (ITS Lead)
Priorities Review Board
Approve feasibility and design phase of major projects
Recommend major projects and initiatives
Recommend priorities
Norman Tien, Co-Chair
Mark Henderson, Co-Chair
University Representatives
Colleen Nagy, ITS Lead
(Faculty Senate Committee on Information and Communications Technology
Shape annual goals for technology
Provide feedback on proposed priorities and initiatives
Review outcomes
Raymond Muzic, Chair
University Representatives
Lev Gonick, ITS Lead
(Information Technology Services Planning and Advisory Committee)
Discuss major trends in technology
Provide feedback on initiatives with broad impacts
Support communication efforts
University Representatives
ITS Leads
ITSPAC Subcommittees        
Identify new needs
Participate in solution design
Recommend priorities for smaller projects
Advise ITS on the management of domain specific resources
University Representatives
ITS Leads