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MATLAB Workshop (Nov 2, 2017)

Matlab Workshop (Feb 14, 2017)

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Workshop Materials

FieldWorkshop Topic     Date Download
MATLAB - Level 3
Advancing Matlab Feb, 14, 2017 [GoogleDoc
 Software Installation in HPCInstalling Software in HPC in the home directory from the source file  Nov 15th, 2016[BOX]
Pass: utech
[Google Doc] 
[binary install]
Introduction to R Basic syntax, R data frames, visualization, package system Oct 18th, 2016[BOX]
Pass: utech 
Python Programming A Crash Course in Python: Basic Structures, NumPy, MatplotlibOct 4th, 2016[BOX]
Pass: utech

Seminar & Training Materials

FieldSeminar Topic     Date Download
Scientific Programming: Philosophy and ProceduresOct 8th, 2014[GOOGLE DOC]
 General HPC  Exploring HPC Jan 24, 2017 [powerpoint doc]

Introduction to HPC
 Sep 10, 2014 [GOOGLE DOC]

 Introduction to HPC and LinuxOct 8, 2015[powerpoint doc], [video
 Introduction to Slurm  Feb 4, 2016[intro-description
[detailed changes]
 VisualizationBeginners Guide to Visualization March 10, 2015 [GOOGLE DOC]
Linux The Basics of Linux
 Nov 13, 2013 [GOOGLE DOC]
LinuxScripting Tools in HPC  Feb 26, 2014 [GOOGLE DOC] 
 Linux Basics of Linux + Scripting Tool
 Sep 15, 2014
 Programming Programming Basics (Recording)Mar 19, 2012 
 Programming Scientific Programming by example Sep 28, 2011 [GOOGLE DOC]
 Programming Installing Software on the HPC Sep 19, 2012 [GOOGLE DOC]
 Programming Scientific Software on the HPC  Mar 05, 2012  [GOOGLE DOC]
 Matlab Advanced MATLABFeb 10, 2015 
 MatlabAdvanced MATLAB Mar 12, 2014  [GOOGLE DOC] 
 Matlab Intermediate MATLAB -  (Recording) Apr 24, 2013 [GOOGLE DOC] 
 Matlab Introduction to MATLAB -  Beginner Series 
 Nov 19, 2014 [GOOGLE DOC] 
Advanced Programming
A tutorial on Parallel Programming Jun 29, 2011 [GOOGLE DOC]
Advanced Programming
From CPUs to GPUs - Part I   Oct 19, 2011  [GOOGLE DOC]
Advanced Programming
From CPUs to GPUs - Part II  Oct 26, 2011     [GOOGLE DOC]
Advanced Programming
Parallel Programming the Ordinary and the Exotic --  CPU vs GPU Oct 24, 2012 [GOOGLE DOC]
Optimization SubsetsApril 8, 2015 [GOOGLE DOC]
Application: R
Leverage GPU Computing Power for High-Dimensional Data Analysis in RSep 25,2013[[GOOGLE DOC]]
Application: Molecular Modeling
Molecular Modeling on the HPC 
 Oct 23, 2013 [GOOGLE DOC]

Note: Please note that some of the older presentation materials might no longer be applicable to the current HPC setup. If you have any questions about the material, please contact us at 

TACC Training: Introduction to Maverick (April 25, 2014) - Scientific Visualization & Scripting Languages

XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop - Big Data (Feb 4, 2014)
UNIX/Linux Tutorial for Beginners

NCSA Courses on MPI, OpenMP, and Performance Tuning (free registration)

TACC Courses on Parallel Programming, and Application Specific Parallel Computing

Matlab upcoming webinars (need to register for MathWorks account - free):

Matlab recorded webinars (need to register for MathWorks account - free):

OpenACC Workshop October 16-17, 2012:
  • Introduction to OpenACC [pdf]
  • GPGPU Parellel Execution Model and Architecture [pdf]
  • Using OpenACC with CUDA Libraries [pdf]
  • Performance Profiling and Tuning [pdf]
  • Advanced OpenACC [pdf]
  • OpenACC on Complicated Loops:Case Studies [pdf]
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