Welcome to the Feng lab


We use computational and experimental approaches to study aging and aging-associated Parkinson's disease. Aging and Parkinson's disease involve changes in locomotor activity, metabolism and other alterations. Understanding these changes sheds light on mechanisms and provides the foundation to develop mechanism-based strategy to counteract aging and to prevent Parkinson's disease.

The computational approaches include 

1) Software development for automated animal tracking, behavioral quantification and bio-signals (calcium dynamics) quantification. We use principles and techniques of motion control, machine vision and machine learning.

2) Data mining on combined data of image, behavior and genetics to identify biological patterns. We focus on supervised and unsupervised machine learning (clustering). 

3) Simulation of animal locomotory circuit and locomotion. We focus on Monte Carlo model.  

The experimental approaches include 

1) Genetic and pharmacological modification of gene expression and muscle activity. We use molecular genetics and RNAi to alter the expression of genes and muscle activity in tissue- and lifecycle-specific manners.

2) Quantification of behavior and calcium signaling.  We use self-developed software packages, other computational approaches (see above) and statistical tools.

3) Quantification of metabolic flux, lifespan and other biological traits. We use  isotopic tracer method and other tools. 

Please see the related pages for specific projects. 

Group meetings

The Feng lab has weekly group meetings, where members discuss lab business, projects and other scientific issues.     

Lab events

The lab has two regular lab events every year, one in summer and one in winter. These events provide opportunities for lab members and their families and friends to talk bout things other than science. We also have special events to enjoy the nature of Cleveland or celebrate something special.  


John Feng are currently teaching in courses of under, graduate, dental and medical schools. Please check his current teaching duties.