This year, the Directors are pleased to announce that there will be a raffle and silent auction the night of the show to further raise money for the Free Clinic. We will also feature original artwork by our talented students for the auction, including paintings and sculptures (please scroll to the bottom to view student art). Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to offer the follow raffle prizes and auction items:

 Item        Generously Donated by: 
$25 Gift Certificate towards a Vintage Cake
for example:

 A Cookie and A Cupcake
2173 Professor Ave, Cleveland OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 344-9433
 Gift Certificate for 3 Classes Atma Center for Satyananda Yoga
2319 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights OH 44118 (Cedar-Lee)
(216) 371-9760
 $15 Gift Certificate Avalon Exchange (Vintage Apparel)
1798 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights OH  44118 (Coventry)
(216)  320-9775
 Gift Basket

 Banyan Tree (Clothing and Accessories)
2242 Professor Ave, Cleveland OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 241-1209
2 - $15 Gift Certificate  Dewey's Pizza
2194 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (Cedar Lee)
(216) 321-7355
 $50 Gift Certificate (good for any service) Emily's Petite Salon and Spa
755 Starkweather Ave. Cleveland OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 482-3689
 $20 Gift Certificate and a bottle of wine

 Grumpy's Cafe
2621 W. 14th St. Cleveland, OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 241-5025
 Vintage Goya Classical Guitar 
 Heights Guitars/Darrell Branch
2128 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (Cedar Lee)
(216) 397-7700
 High Yield Step 1 Course
 Kaplan Test Prep

 Step 2 CK QBank
 Kaplan Test Prep

 Step 2 Internal Medicine Comprehensive Cases (Course taught by Dr. Conrad Fischer)

 Kaplan Test Prep

 $25 Gift Certificate Little Italy Wines
12408 Mayfield Rd. Cleveland OH 44106 (Little Italy)
(216) 231-WINE
 $50 Gift Certificate Lucky's Cafe
777 Starkweather Ave. Cleveland OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 622-7773
 Children's Bookends

 PLAYmatters Toys
13214 Shaker Square, Cleveland OH 44120
(216) 752-3595
 $25 Gift Certificate Revive (Fair Trade Clothing and Gifts)
2248 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (Cedar Lee)
(216) 371-2778
 $80 Gift Certificate Studio Le Beau
2360 W. 11th St. Cleveland, OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 621-3638
 Leather Jacket (retail value $300)

 Sunshine Too   
1788 Coventry Rd. Cleveland, OH 44118 (Coventry)
(216) 321-1211      
 Purse made from recycled seatbelts (retail value $100)
 The Dancing Sheep and American Crafts
12712 Larchmere Blvd. Cleveland OH 44120 
(216) 229-5770

 Gift Certificate - Oil Change and Safety Inspection The Lusty Wrench 
2120 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (Cedar Lee)
(216) 371-8150
 $20 Gift Certificate Tree Country Bistro
1803 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 (Coventry)
(216) 321-0644
 $20 Gift Certificate Winds of Change Boutique
1780 Coventry Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
(216) 371-8883
 1 Hour In-Home Design Consultation Wine & Design
751 Starkweather Ave. Cleveland OH 44113 (Tremont)
(216) 781-8000
 2 - $20 Gift Certificate Yours Truly Restaurant
13328 Shaker Square, Cleveland OH 44120
(216) 751-8646
 Hand-knit scarf by Lindsay Hoogenboom
 Watercolor by  Nora Oulad Daoud

 Oil painting by Katie Farhang
 Calligraphy by Monty Thomas
"Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, judicium difficile"
Translation: Art is long, life is short, the opportunity fleeting, experimentation dangerous, judgement difficult"
from Hippocratic Aphorisms, 1:1
 Vase/sculpture by Yelena Filanovsky (Michelle Filanovsky's mother)