Brad Ricca's poem "The Beautiful Sandwich" was featured on 3 Quarks Daily.

Brad Ricca gave a poetry reading with George Bilgere in Guilford Parlor on November 29th.

Denna Iammarino's article, "'From that day forth I cast in carefull mynd,/To seeke her out with labor, and long tyne': Spenser, Augustine, and the Places of Living Language," has been published in November's Renascence.
Susan Dominguez presented "Collaborative Teaching and Learning with Google Docs" with Dr. Tina Oestreich at the ITS sponsored "GOOGLE Apps for Education FALL HARVEST DAY" held in KSL on November 2nd.
Denna Iammarino presented a paper at the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) in October entitled "Reason/able Arguments: Hookerian Reason and the Nature of Virtue in Artegall's Episode with the Giant."
Malcah Effron presented "Rejecting the Phallus: A Feminine Symbol of Power In Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series" as part of the department's Colloquium Series.
Joshua Ware gave a poetry reading on October 25 at Cleveland State University.
A poetry book by English department lecturer Brad Ricca was recently named the best poetry debut in Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland awards.
Elise Geither's latest chapbook, Monologues for Poets, was published; this chapbook includes excerpts from her play Horse Latitudes that was produced at Cleveland Public Theater and her short play Prom for Angel which was produced by Your Name Here Theater in New York City.
August 31st, Brad Ricca read from and signed his book of poems American Mastodon at Visible Voice.


Paul Jaussen presented "Messianic History in the Diasporic Life Poem" in June at the National Poetry Foundation Conference, "Poetry of the 80s," held in Orono, Maine.
Barbara Burgess-Van Aken, Paul Jaussen and Joshua Hoeynck received the SAGES Writing Instruction Award & WRC Excellence in Consulting Award.
Annie Pecastaings published an article in the most recent issue (Volume 3, issue 3; 2011) of the journal Prose Studies: History, Theory, Criticism. Title of the article: “Frances Burney’s Mastectomy and the Female Body Politic.” http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01440357.2011.647272
Joshua Hoeynck edited The Principle of Measure in Composition by Field: Projective Verse II by Charles Olson, now available at Chax Press. 
Congratulations to Dr. Rob McAlear who has taken a tenure-track position at the University of Tulsa, starting this fall, 2012. He'll be an Assistant Professor of English and the Director of the Writing Program. In this role, he will oversee the training of graduate student teachers in composition courses in addition to teaching graduate and major courses in the English department. Rob has been with us for two years and has served as the Assistant Director of the Writing Resource Center, and piloted a Community Writing Project at the Cleveland Heights Public Library.
On Saturday, May 26th, the Elektrika venue (Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo) hosted a meeting with Damjana Mraović-O’Hare, who talked about the ways in which contemporary Serbian comics are perceived outside the country. http://www.arte.rs/sr/vesti/koloplet_lokalnoglobalno-7464
Barbara Burgess-Van Aken presented "Barbara Torelli Benedetti: A Feminine Voice in the Pastoral Tradition" on  March 23rd at the Renaissance Society of America in Washington, D.C. http://www.rsa.org/?page=washington2012
Damjana Mraović-O’Hare was a participant in a conference held in January 2012 in Seattle, organized by the Modern Language Association. Her presentation concerned "Graphic Narratives Re-telling History: Serbia & Bosnia."
Brad Ricca and his accomplishments featured in The Daily. 
Brad Ricca was featured on Verse Daily
Terri Mester ('93) will lead an all-day seminar for Weatherhead's Executive Education on "Writing with Purpose, Clarity and Confidence" on December 13th.
Brad Ricca has a chapter (14. History: Discovering the Story of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) in the newly published Critical Approaches to Comics.
American Mastodon, Brad Ricca's book of poems, is now available. X.J. Kennedy says, "In American Mastodon, we meet a brash and arresting presence on the po-biz scene."
Jessica Gerard presented at Ohio TESOL with Judith Olson-Fallon on November 12, 2011. The title of the talk was "Asian international students in the American educational context: Linguistic and cultural considerations."
Susan Dominguez has been elected to another term on the National Board of Directors of the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.
Susan Dominguez participated in a workshop entitled The Rhetoric and Reality of American Indian Citizenship at the upcoming Society of American Indians (SAI) Centennial Symposium held at The Ohio State University Oct 7-9, 2011.


Summer Harrison's essay, "The Politics of Metafiction in Louise Erdrich's Four Souls" was published in the Spring 2011 issue of Studies in American Indian Literatures.

On May 5th, Katherine Clark will present a paper called "Lies, Spies, and Female SuperHeroes: Using Technology to Ensure Experiential Learning" at CollabTech 2011 here at CWRU.

Summer Harrison presented a paper at the International Society for the Study of Narrative this past April in St. Louis.

Eve McPherson presented a paper called "Linking Past and Present: Makam, Ottoman Music Therapy, and Contemporary Turkish Call to Prayer Recitation Practice" at the MidWest Society for Ethnomusicology in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Bryan Conn gave a talk entitled "Artificial Life: Figuring the Robot and the End of the Human(ist) World" at the Theories of Life in the 20th and 21st Centuries conference at Rutgers University.

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Excellence in SAGES Writing Instruction Award: Dr. Mark Pedretti and Dr. Annie Pecastaings. The winner of the WRC Excellence in Consulting Award is Ashley Seitz Kramer.

Katherine Clark presented a paper at the Popular Culture Association's National Conference in San Antonio, Texas, called "Who is the American Mystery Reader, and Why Does It Matter?"

Brad Ricca's first book of poems, American Mastodon, won the 2009 St. Lawrence Book Award and will be published in 2011.

Ashley Seitz Kramer won the 2010 Robert & Adele Schiff Poetry Prize.

Terri Mester has a chapter entitled "Dance" in the newly published book T.S. Eliot in Context from Cambridge University Press.

Bryan Conn gave a talk entitled "The Subject of Guilt: Roger Zelazney's 'Home is the Hangman' and Melanie Klein" at this year's NeMLA.

Eve McPherson's article "Political History and Embodied Identity Discourse in the Turkish Call to Prayer" has just been published in the winter issue of Music and Politics.

Christopher Strathman helped edit European Romanticism: A Reader (Continuum 2010) which has been awarded the Jean-Pierre Barricelli Book Prize from the International Conference on Romanticism for the best book on Romanticism published in 2010.

Brad Ricca wrote this obituary for Joanne Siegel, the widow of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman.

Narcisz Fejes has an essay entitled "Lasting Legacies: Vlad Tepes and Dracula in Romanian National Discourse" in History of the Literary Cultures of East-Central Europe: Junctures and Disjunctures in the 19th and 20th centuries, Volume 4: Types and stereotypes

Ashley Seitz Kramer won the 2010 Ruth Stone Prize in Poetry for "Between Land and Water."

Bryan Conn is the 2010 winner of the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center's essay prize for his contribution titled "Clinging to Love, Loving to Cling: Race and Sexuality in James Baldwin's Another Country."

Narcisz Fejes has received a book contract with Intellect Ltd. for an anthology entitled Dilemmas of Visibility: Queer Sexualities in Post-socialist Cultures.

Kristine Kelly has been awarded both a Freedman Fellowship for 2010 and a Baker-Nord Seminar Fellowship for the spring of 2011. The Freedman Center is concerned with "the evolution of education and the integration of information technologies in its curriculum and research." The topic of the 2011 Baker-Nord Seminar will be "Globalism and its Origins."

Eve McPherson will present "Robot Imams! Responses to the Centralized Call to Prayer in Turkey" at the National Society for Ethnomusicology Conference in Los Angeles in November 2010.

Summer Harrison presented a paper at the National Women's Studies Association Conference in November.

Christopher Strathman has two essays in European Romanticism, a reader which he also helped Stephen Prickett to edit.

Christopher Strathman's essay on Maurice Blanchot, "Aminadab: Quest for the Origin of the Work of Art," appears in Clandestine Encounters: Philosophy Narratives.

Ashley Seitz Kramer won the 2010 Hunger Mountain Ruth Stone Poetry Prize.


Brad Ricca's poem "Workshop" is spotlighted by Black Lawrence Press.

Susan Rose Dominguez has been elected to the National Board of Directors of the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. In April, 2010, she was an organizer and panel chair for Celebrating a Century of Native American Indian Narrative at the International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Her individual paper was titled "The Collective Narrative of Native Children in 19th Century Indian Schools."

Lecturers in English, 2012-13

Paul Beauvais (PhD Michigan State Univ) - Director, Writing Foundations - Composition, Rhetoric, and Writing Studies

Eric Chilton (PhD Univ of Arizona) - Ecocriticism, Cultural Studies, Native American Literature and Culture

Gusztav Demeter (PhD Oklahoma State Univ) - Applied Linguistics, Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics, TESOL

Susan Rose Dominguez
(PhD Michigan State Univ) - Native American Literature and Culture

Malcah Effron (PhD Newcastle University) - Detective Fiction, American and British Literature

Elise Geither (PhD Cleveland State University) - Urban Education, English as a Second Language

Tasia Hane-Devore
(PhD Case Western Reserve Univ) - Medical Discourse, Autobiography, Writing Studies

Joshua Hoeynck (PhD Washington Univ in St Louis) - Twentieth-Century American Poetry, Environmental Studies

Michael Householder (PhD Univ of California, Irvine) - Early American Literature, Discourses of Encounter

Denna Iammarino (PhD Marquette) - Early Modern British Literature, Renaissance Epic and Spenser

Paul Jaussen (PhD Univ of Washington) - Anglo-American Poetry, The "Life Poem"

Brian Johnson
(PhD Univ of Massachusetts) - Twentieth-Century American Literature, Popular Culture, and Film

Rachel Kapelle (PhD Brandeis Univ) - Medieval and Renaissance British Literatures

Ubaraj Katawal (PhD Binghamton University) - South Asian/Postcolonial Literature, 20th Century American and British Literature

Kristine Kelly (PhD Case Western Reserve Univ) - Postcolonial Literatures, Nineteenth-Century British Literature

Kimberly Schultz Miller (doctoral candidate, Univ of Minnesota) - Director, Technical and Professional Communication - Technical Writing Pedagogy, Teaching with Technology, Public and Digital Forms of Writing

Sean Moiles (PhD Penn State Univ) - Contemporary American Urban Fiction and Multi-Ethnic Literature

Annie Pecastaings (PhD Tufts Univ) - Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Mark Pedretti (PhD Univ of California, Berkeley) - Twentieth-Century American Literature

Christopher Strathman (PhD Univ of Notre Dame) - British Romanticism

Joshua Ware (PhD University of Nebraska) - Creative Writing (poetry)

Greg Weiss (PhD Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi) - Creative Writing (poetry), 20th Century American Literature and Film

Part-Time Lecturers and Associated Writing Staff, 2012-13

Tracey Hallman
Kate Kostopoulos
Carolyn Leitman
Judith Olson-Fallon
Tom Orange
Drew Poppleton
Sebastian Rimehaug
Sarah Rubin

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