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Core Team

Soumya Nair

MBA Candidate 2013

Soumya is a second year MBA student at the Weatherhead School of Management with a focus in Marketing and Brand Consulting. She currently works at Moen as a Market Insights professional. Her goal is to work for the consulting and marketing insights team of a consumer products brand. 

Meenakshi Sharma

Director, Career Management Office, 
Weatherhead School Of Management 
at Case Western Reserve University

Lead a team of career development 
professionals to provide a comprehensive 
suite of programs, activities, career 
advisory and training sessions for MBAs 
and other graduate business students. 
Rahul Pavanan

President of the Consulting Club 2012, Alumni, Weatherhead MBA.

Consultant at Centric Consulting. Focused on strategy and technology projects in manufacturing and banking.

Rahul is pivotal in shaping the current relationships with key consultants in the industry and developing the Club’s charter