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Thank you for your Applications

Thank you for sending us your application to be a first year representative of the Consulting Club. We truly appreciate your interest in the position and the time you spent to work on your application. 

We have reviewed all applications that we received and the leadership team has made their final assessments today. 

The three consulting club first year representatives for the year 2012 - 2014 will be announced on the Club's page tomorrow morning. 

Have a wonderful year at Weatherhead. 

Good Night!

Crack the Case with David Ohrvall

Hello everyone, 

The first event for Consulting is planned! 

David Ohrvall, founder of MBACase is coming to Case. He is a renowned consultant who conducts workshops at the top 50 MBA universities across the globe on Case style interviews. The Career Management Office has worked very hard to have David Ohrvall come to the Weatherhead school and speak to the MBA students. 
I urge you all to make the best of this opportunity. The seats are limited and you must register on Careerlink now. https://wsom-case-csm.symplicity.com/students/index.php?ss=ws&_ksl=1&mode=list&s=event 

Post this session planned for the 13th, I plan to meet all the consulting club members to take you through the structure of the Case style interview during the Kickoff meeting. So to all of those who haven't signed up to the Club yet, now is the time. 

I look forward to have an enthusiastic group of MBA students keen on Consulting to sign up to the Club and be present for the Kickoff meeting as well as the workshop by David
The Consulting Club Website - Consulting Club website

The Consulting Club is now accepting members...     
Sign up at the Club's New Member Enrollment page

If you are interested in being in a leadership position in the club, please indicate this is the enrollment page. 

The Club will be accepting first year students in leadership positions based on their pitch. Specific instructions will be sent out on September 17th to those interested in being leaders of the club. 

Congratulations on  making it to your graduate school year at Weatherhead and at Case.