About the Consulting Club

Your window to a world of Consulting. 

The Consulting Club is a student-run organization that collaborates with the Career Management Office, the esteemed Faculty, our Alumni and executives in the Industry to bring you the best previews to a career in consulting. 

The Club’s mission is three fold: to support our members in pursuing careers in consulting, to encourage and develop relationships with consulting firms and to open the world of consulting through case style sessions for everyone.

The Consulting Club fulfills its objective by:
  • Helping members understand what to expect on the job, what to expect in a case-style interview, and how best to prepare for a career in consulting
  • Hosting events and information sessions to connect students with current practitioners, alumni and their peers
  • Providing resources and planning activities to prepare for case style interviews 

The Club holds no bias toward a certain major; it benefits future MBA's, MS Finance, MAcc, OR/SC and even Engineering MEM students. Second year students can sign up as well.