2014 Singing Valentines are starting to sell out!
As we get closer to Valentine's Day, our delivery schedule for Singing Valentines is starting to fill up. The only times left available right now are community hour (12:30-1:45), 3:00-3:50, and 4:00-4:50.

A campus favorite for over 30 years
Singing Valentines is a CMGC tradition that stretches back over 30 years. Every year, on Valentine's Day, the Case Men's Glee Club dresses up in our best suits and traipse the campus from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night, delivering over 100 Singing Valentines to unsuspecting CWRU students, faculty, and staff.

Order a Singing Valentine
Order online, or visit our table in  Nord, 10a-2p Monday through Friday, to buy a singing valentine. For only $5, you can send a song and card on Valentine's Day. Locations are restricted to Mather Quad, Case Quad, Central Campus and some parts of the Health Sciences Campus and UH (see case.edu/maps and toggle "Case Map" to view these locations or ask a CMGC representative at Nord). Price will increase to $7 on February 12 as we start to get booked up.

2014 Song List
When you order your singing valentine, you can choose from the following songs:

"Guy Love"   -   from the TV series "Scrubs"

"My Little 'Margie'"   -   where we can replace 'Margie' with the recipient's name

My Little Margie

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"My Wild Irish Rose"   -   a barbershop classic

My Wild Irish Rose

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"Soft Kitty"   -   from the TV series "Big Bang Theory"

Soft Kitty

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"Under the Boardwalk"   -   an arrangement of the popular song by the Drifters

CMGC serenades President Snyder
Check out this sweet video of CMGC serenading CWRU President Barbara Snyder during Singing Valentines 2011.

CMGC serenading President Barbara Snyder during Singing Valentines 2009: YouTube Video

The Observer covers Singing Valentines:

"One visiting medical school professor was completely taken aback by the spectacle. 'He was very confused and asked 'Well what do I have to do? Do I have to sing it?' I replied, 'You only have to say "yes" and the Glee Club and I will do the singing!'' said Trompak. 'Immediately everyone in the classroom started cheering and hollering for the professor to say yes. [Then] the other members came into the room, thinking the laughter and excitement was because the professor said yes. He was very confused still, but he was so overwhelmed by his students' response, he couldn't say no. It was quite amazing.'"
-Jacob Martin, The Observer, 2011

"CMGC [is known for its role] as the "Singing Ambassadors" of Case Western Reserve University. Nowhere are those ambassadors more visible than on Valentine's Day, or, in this year's case, due to Feb. 14 being a Saturday, the day before Valentine's Day.
"Friday the 13 can be an unlucky day. But on this month's Friday the 13th, if a group of suited young men walks into your class, it's not bad news. It's a message of love for a classmate or professor - and a lovely concert for everyone else." 
-Emily Sparks, The Observer, 2009

"Almost 20 members of Case Men's Glee Club serenaded president Barbara Snyder outside of her office in Adelbert Hall. A crowd of students and stuff looked on as the men went through their medley.
"Snyder smiled and joked with the performers between songs, asking them to introduce themselves individually. 'You all have great talent. It's great to have you here. Thank you so much,' said Snyder. 'This is the highlight of our day, truly.'
"Presenting the university president with a singing valentine has been a tradition since before 1997, said treasurer Stephen Trompak. 'This is the big thing,' he said to the group before they began. 'Look nice and smile.'" 
-Lisa Chan, The Observer, 2008
Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday and Thursday
9:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Denison Rehearsal Room

Friday, February 14
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
CWRU Campus

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