Biomedical and Healthcare Informatics

BMHI Research Group

Our research is focused on developing new data and metadata representation and analysis techniques for biomedical and healthcare research. Our current research focuses on integrative analysis of brain connectivity data for characterizing spatio-temporal characteristics of epilepsy seizure networks using computational neuroscience approaches. To address the challenges of data quality and scientific reproducibility in data-driven biomedical research we are also developing a provenance metadata framework using provenance ontology and text mining of published articles. Our interdisciplinary research involves close collaboration with clinical, biostatistics, and high performance networking researchers.

Research Interests
Epilepsy seizure networks; Structural connectivity networks derived from MRI; Functional connectivity networks derived from EEG; Provenance metadata; Ontology engineering; Data integration; High performance computing

Computational Techniques
Knowledge representation using OWL and RDF, Hadoop technologies (MapReduce, HDFS, Pig), Natural language processing (entity recognition and relationship extraction), Automated reasoning, Graph and network analysis

Research Projects
 ProvCaRe Project

 Brain Connectivity Project

    Insight: Clinical Research Platform