The Benard Lab at CWRU

We study the ecology, evolution, and conservation of amphibians are based out of the Biology Department at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  Here you can learn about the people in the lab, our research, and how to get in touch with us. Recent research in the lab includes: 

Recent Publications:

Benard, M.F. and K.R. Greenwald. 2023. Environmental Drivers of Amphibian Breeding Phenology across Multiple Sites. Diversity (15) 253. 

Dimitrie, D.A. and M.F. Benard. 2023. Female treefrog preference for breeding sites matches offspring performance in the presence of two anuran competitors. Ecology. e4164.

Neptune, T.C. and M.F. Benard. 2023. Photoperiod effects in a freshwater community: Amphibian larvae develop faster and zooplankton abundance increases under an early‐season photoperiod. Ecology and Evolution. 13(8)e10400.

Rollins, H.B. and M.F. Benard.  2020. Challenges in predicting the outcome of competition based on climate change-induced phenological and body size shifts. Oecologia. 193: 749-759.

Dananay, K.L. and M. F. Benard. 2018. Artificial light at night decreases metamorphic duration and juvenile growth in a widespread amphibian.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 285: 20180367.

Troy and Shruti explaining pipe surveys and a colonization experiment for Gray Treefrogs.

David (r) showing Troy and Rock the procedure for recording gray treefrogs.

Unisexual Ambystoma salamanders from our long-term study.