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HPC Cluster Usage Policies

The HPC Cluster operates under policies approved by the Advisory Committee on Research Computing. There is a modest budget to provide a core computational capability, infrastructure, and staffing.  The core computational capability is intended to be adequate to support a limited amount of unfunded research while investigators seek external funding, and is provided without charge for that purpose.  Funded researchers are expected to become members of the HPC Resource through fees or investments that contribute to its operating costs and growth.  Members receive a higher level of service than non-members (“guests”).  All usage of the HPC Resource is provided through individual user accounts and requires completion of an application form.  Each account request must be sponsored by a regular CWRU faculty member who will be added to various mailing lists, will be the contact person related to their research group’s use of the HPC Resource, and will be responsible for that use.

The full set of usage policies is available in the attachment below.
Roger Bielefeld,
Apr 5, 2011, 5:52 PM