The mission of ITS Advanced Research Computing is to facilitate cost-effective access to IT resources for the research community at CWRU. These resources include high performance computing services, large-scale research storage services, database design and programming services, visualization services, and pre-award IT consultation. ITS Advanced Research Computing is prepared to engage with faculty in technologies as they emerge at CWRU and incorporate them into the suite of centrally supported services.

The Advisory Committee on Research Computing (ACRC) advises ITS on strategic issues related to the support of the CWRU research community's IT-related needs. The current chair of ACRC is Professor Mike Lewicki of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

To include Advanced Research Computing services in research proposals, please feel free to use the boilerplate descriptions attached below and contact roger.bielefeld@case.edu for more information.

High Performance Computing
Computationally intensive research is supported through the operation of continuously growing (currently at 2600-processor cores) high performance computing cluster based on Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel processors and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Details of the cluster configuration can be found in this location:  HPCC @ Case Western Reserve University.  An initial 18-node cluster was put into production in May 2005.  This cluster has grown through faculty investment in the form of hardware and software purchases, usage fees, and salary support, as well as through investments by the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Chief Information Officer. The cluster has a 10 Gbps Ethernet interconnect, approximately 100 TB of global parallel storage, and approximately 17000 GPU cores.  Operation of the facility is guided by usage policies endorsed by the Advisory Committee on Research Computing. Faculty who are interested in using the resource should complete the application process at https://hpcc1-mgmtnode2.case.edu/faculty.  Please contact its-cluster-admin@case.edu for additional information on this process.

Research Database Services
ITS provides a low-cost database service offering based on Oracle Application Express (APEX). Because the service is entirely web-based, there is no need to purchase specialized hardware or software to use it - any computer with a web browser will suffice.  ITS Advanced Research Computing provides database design and programming services to permit faculty to produce sound data management plans and to create secure and effective systems based on APEX for their research needs.

ITS Advanced Research Computing has installed an 84 megapixel visualization wall in the Kelvin Smith Library and is currently offering opportunities to faculty to create visualizations of data generated in their research.  For more information, please contact its-cluster-admin@case.edu.

Lecture Series
ITS Advanced Research Computing sponsors top researchers and practitioners in computationally intensive research, data-intensive research, visualization, and other areas related to its activities and mission.
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