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Summer Parking Info

posted Apr 16, 2013, 10:44 AM by Michelle Adams

Summer Parking 2013


Faculty members on leave for the summer must turn in their parking hang tag and gate card (if applicable) to Access Services in order to have their parking payroll deduction temporarily suspended. Access Services will hold your parking space until your return in the fall semester.


Please note that the following information applies only to those who have been issued CWRU student or temporary ID cards.


Summer permits are NOT available through the online system and must be purchased in person at Access Services (Crawford 18).  Permits will be available for purchase starting Monday, May 20th.  If you need parking before that date, email Access Services at parking@case.edu with details. 


Not all lots are available for summer parking.  Lots 1A (south end of MLK) 44 (Murray Hill and Adelbert), S46 (NRV parking structure between E. 115 and E.118), 47 (Murray Hill and Adelbert behind the Art Studio), S-53 (Veale Parking Structure on Adelbert Road), S29 (Campus Center/Severance Garage), and lot 5 (Murray Hill near Fribley) are available for summer parking.


S53 and S29 require gate cards for access; a $10.00 deposit is required. This deposit is refundable once the gate card is returned.  If you parked in one of these structures during the school year and want summer parking in either S29 or S53, please bring your gate card with you when purchasing your summer parking. The replacement fee for a lost gate card is $25.00. 


Summer parking is sold on a temporary basis.  Your permit becomes effective the day you purchase it and ends on the expiration date punched or written on the hangtag.  The charge is based on the lot assignment and the duration of the permit.  Summer parking cannot extend beyond Sunday, August 25th.   Fall classes begin on Monday, August 26th.


All permits are sold on a weekly basis. If purchased on a Thursday or Friday charges will apply for the start of the next week. Expiration dates are based one’s needs, or the length of a program or actual official end of summer parking as noted above. Parking rates for 2012-2013 are available online and new rates starting July 1, 2013 will be posted in May.

There are no transfers, cancellations, or refunds for summer permits.  Make sure you know which lot you are purchasing before the transaction is finalized.


A temporary summer permit does not guarantee parking in the same lot during the academic year. 

Students may try to purchase a permit in the same lot through the online parking system. Remember you must meet the requirements for the lot that you are trying to purchase a permit for the fall semester.  If you intend to stay in the same lot for the fall and spring semesters (and are eligible to do so), you must purchase your academic year parking through the Student Online Permits.  Others who purchase temporary permits during the summer will be assigned fall parking based on space availability.


If you have any questions, call Access Services at (216)368-2273 or email us at parking@case.edu .