Reservations for 2019 are closed

Cascadia Irish Music Week 2019

Registration is now open for Cascadia Irish Music Week 2019.  The dates are July 21-27, 2019 at The Evergreen State College (TESC), Olympia, Washington.  Please read through the information on this page before submitting your registration. If you have questions not answered here, please email us.

Please note: Tuition, lodging and meals must be booked through us on this website, not through the college.

Lodgings - Our lodgings for the week are in Evergreen's lovely apartment buildings.  Each building has three floors, and on each floor are several private rooms with locking doors, plus a shared kitchen area and bathrooms.  Unfortunately the range and microwave in these units are disabled during the summer, but there is a refrigerator in each kitchen area.  

Couples: The Evergreen State College charges us by the person, rather than by the room, and each room has only a single bed. Let us know if you want to room together, and if it's not practical or comfortable to be in the same room, then we will aim to assign you rooms as close as possible.

These structures are tucked back in the woods and are very pleasant.  You can read more about these lodgings and even take a panoramic tour of the rooms on the TESC website.  If you're staying on-campus you'll also have access to the recreation center and pool (for a separate charge in 2019), and the lovely woods, trails and beaches adjoining the campus.

Meals - All meals are served in the dining Hall at TESC, "The Greenery".  They can accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dietary needs.  There is also an espresso shop on campus (not included in our meal plan).  Two of them, in fact. If you don't choose the full meal plan, you can purchase individual meals in the Greenery depending on availability.

Registration Information

Full Package is $985, which includes:

  • Tuition for all classes (Mon.-Fri.)
  • Evening concerts and other events
  • Lodging for 6 nights
  • All meals including Sunday dinner and Saturday breakfast
  • TESC facilities fee
  • All taxes

Intro-only option: 

  • Tuition for 5 Session IV Intro classes:  $250
  • Evening concerts and other events
  • TESC facilities fee
  • Meals and lodging not included

[Note: Only classes labelled "Intro" may be taken singly.  For this option, select "none" for Sessions I through III.)

Lodging-only (no meals) option:

  • Single room - $785 for 6 nights, incl. all classes, fees and taxes
  • Note:  although refrigerators are available, stoves, ovens or microwaves are NOT available for use during the camp.  Please plan accordingly if not taking the meal option.

Meal-only (no lodging) option:

  • All meals - $735
  • includes Sunday dinner, Saturday breakfast, all classes, fees and taxes
Classes-only (no meals or lodging) option:
  • All classes - $535 
  • includes concerts/sessions, facility fee

Chaperone or spouse/partner fee:  $560 

  • includes lodging, meals and admission to evening events but not classes. 
  • This fee is intended strictly for chaperones of students under 18, and spouses or partners of tuition-paying students. 
Note that we cannot accommodate "partial week" registrations . . . thanks for your understanding!

A deposit of $100 (nonrefundable and non-transferable) per registrant is required to confirm your registration and hold your selections.

Full payment is due by June 1, 2019  If full payment is not received by this date your place in the classes is not guaranteed.  Registration after June 15th for any remaining spaces must be accompanied by full payment.

Cancellations:  Please remember that the deposit is not refundable.   If you have to cancel your registration we will quickly return any other fees you've already paid, but we can't return your $100 deposit.  To receive a refund of payments you've made in excess of the $100 deposit, notification must be made by mail or email and received by Cascadia Irish Music Week no later than July 1, 2019, after which no refunds will be issued except in cases of medical or family emergency.


At the above link, you'll be able to select various options for tuition, food and lodging, then pay either the entire amount or a nonrefundable $100 deposit. You'll also find instructions here if you'd prefer to register by mail with a check.  

Note:  a $3/day/M-F parking fee is NOT included in these packages.

You will also be able to select classes based on your instrument and level.  

Class assignments can be changed by email request as long as there are still openings in desired classes.  Most classes will be limited to around 18 students, filled in order of registration received, in order to keep class sizes down.