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Caryl Yvonne Hunter is a freelance writer, photographer, and web designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although she currently lives in the Midwest, Caryl has lived in seven states, many cities and towns, and traveled to many different states and countries. She foresees living in a few more locales, and plans to continue working on web design, writing, and shooting photographs around the world.

As a writer, Caryl truly believes that we all have a story to tell. Although she expresses her creativity in writing - nonfiction, fiction, essays, poetry, and journalism - Caryl also works in web design and marketing. Another way she tells stories is through photography. Caryl's writing and photography started at a very young age, and her love of writing and photography evolved into her career today. She learned web design as a way of not only bringing it all together, but to help individuals and businesses express and showcase their own products and talents.

Caryl has a deep appreciation for all art forms. She believes that self-expression, no matter the medium in which it's created, is an important part of using our imaginations and growing in our art. It’s often the people from whom it’s least expected, she believes, who have the best and most interesting stories to tell. Caryl firmly believes that keeping an open mind is vitally important for any artist.

Caryl earned a Bachelor of Arts in Writing from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and plans to pursue a Master in Fine Arts in the future. Most of all she wants to keep traveling, working with a wide variety of people, and telling their stories through writing and photography - and helping them pull it all together in a great website.


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