Basic Lock-in

Generally, Lock-ins go a little something like this:
  • Around 6:45 CUMBYA arrives at the church for set up

  • At 7:30 the kids start to arrive and the fun begins.

  • We start out by playing some name games

  • Once everyone knows someone in the group, we start to move into other, smaller, group focused activities

  • We use these groups to play a few more games, and then go into our Bible studies

  • After the studies are done (typically we like to give an hour for each group), we move into a time of worship.
    • We generally play a two songs, give a devotional or testimonial and finish with two more songs.

  • CUMBYA members then spread throughout the church and each student has the chance to have one on one conversation and prayer time.
    • We have also incorporated a prayer candle so that the group can really open up to each other while also allowing the opportunity to pray together. 

  • We then give the kids 30 minutes to an hour to eat 

  • At this point in the night, we typically move directly into the next group of games (these ones being more intense then the last).

  • After all of the games are done, we divide the room into two halves, boys and girls, and put in a movie, allowing the kids who want to go to sleep the opportunity to, while also allowing the ones that want to say up the opportunity to talk, quietly, and watch the movie. 

  • One of us stays up the entire night, and at 7:00 in the morning, we wake the kids up for breakfast and one final prayer before sending everyone home.