Recent & Upcoming Events


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Lambda Lunch: Blame for All
September 19th 11:40am-12:20pm
CC 114
At our first journal club meeting of the year we will be discussing "Blame for All" (Ahmed, Findler, Siek, Wadler @ POPL 2011) Theorems for Free! (Wadler). See the mailing list for details; PDF is available here:

Fall Elections
September, 2012; HL 172; 5:15-7:15
Elections will be held in September.

AI Competition Planning Meeting
March 29, 2012; HL 172; 5:15-7:15
We will discuss this year's AI competition game and work on the game server implementation.

Computer Science in SURE 2012
March 15, 2012; HL 172; 5:00-6:00
Professor Mahoney will give a presentation on the state of Storyteller and provide some goals for the summer. If you are interested in doing research at Carthage in CS this summer, you are highly encouraged to attend.

How To Ace Your J-Term by Ascending to a Higher Order
January 11, 2012; HL 172 5:15-7:15
The CS J-Term course this year will use Ruby. Ruby is not C++ or Java, and a few different language features will get you a long way. This talk will be a whirlwind tour of language features, including:
  1. Higher order functions and functional programming
  2. Reflection, meta-programming and code-as-data
  3. Fibers
The talk will be structured as a series of extensions to a small website designed to illustrate the benefits of these features.

Planning Meeting
January 14, 2012; TBD
If you are interested in the direction of CS club, have ideas for improvements or would like to serve on the CS Club's enabling board next year, please consider attending this meeting. You can view the agenda here: You will need to be logged into your Carthage account in order to view the agenda.

Journal Club: Dynamic Huffman Coding and K-means Clustering
January 18, 2012; HL 172 5:15-7:15
Our first Journal Club meeting will be held on January 4th in HL 172. The theme is "classic algorithms." We will be discussing Vitter's paper on Dynamic Huffman Coding and MacQueen's paper on K-means Clustering. The focus of discussion will be the content of the papers, but stick around afterwards for a workshop implementing and applying both k-means and Dynamic Huffman Coding in Ruby (the language being used for the J-term course this year.)

Cites and instructions for accessing these papers via Carthage's library will be sent to the CS-Students mailing list.

Movie Night
January 4, 2012; HL 172 5:15-7:15
Welcome back for JTerm! Instead of working out our brains -- which are already groggy from two days of long lectures -- we will be relaxing this week with a CS-themed movie.
Thanks to Nicole for bringing snacks!

First Biannual Course Information Night
December 7, 2011
Are you taking a Computer Science course during the Spring semester? Would you like a sneak peak at what material will be covered?

Computer Science Club is hosting an informal Q & A session for students enrolled in a Computer Science course during the Spring semester. Students who have completed CS I, CS II, Computer Organization and Operating Systems will provide short descriptions of the coursework you can expect to see, and will be available to answer questions.

When: Wednesday, December 7th from 5:15pm - 6:00pm (feel free to come late)

Where: Hedberg Library 172 (the Fritsch Classroom next to the media theater)

If you have taken CS I, CS II, Computer Organization or Operating Systems please stop by and share your perspective on the course.

Lightening Talks
We had a meeting on 10/26 where CS Students gave 5 minute talks on their summer internships and research projects.

Planning Meeting