CAB Executive Board

President of CAB- Kendall Bacon

The President of CAB oversees a large part of the day to day operations of Carthage Activities Board. Kendall coordinates with the other Executive Board members and the CAB advisor in the planning and execution of events. Other duties of the Director of CAB include:
  • Collaborating with other campus organizations
  • Representing CAB in Student Government
  • Coordinating WOW Events
Have any questions, ideas or suggestions for Kendall? Feel free to contact her at kbacon@carthage.edu

Director of Membership- Mary Hussey  

The Director of Membership works with all of the CAB general board members to make sure they are happy and enjoying their experience as CAB members. Mary plans CAB's holiday meeting parties and coordinates the CABBIE OF THE MONTH program and prizes.  Other duties of the Director of Membership include:

  • Coordinating Homecoming Week
  • Organizing weekly awards for the general board
  • Planning activities for the board as a whole
  • Representing the Membership committee
Have any questions, ideas or suggestions for Mary? Feel free to contact  her at  mhussey@carthage.edu

Director of Promotions- Nathalie Veraza
The Director of Promotions is responsible for all advertisements put out by CAB and makes sure the campus community is well-informed about all upcoming campus activities. Other duties of the Director of Promotions include: 
  • Running all CAB social media accounts
  • Campus chalking
  • Writing all CAB Bridge posts 
  • Representing the Promotions committee            

Have any questions, ideas or suggestions for Nathalie? Feel free to contact her at nveraza@carthage.edu

Manager of Graphic Design- Stephen Doulas
The manager of Graphic Design is responsible for disigning all of the posters put out by CAB. Other duties of the Manager of Graphic Design include:
  • Meeting weekly with the Director of Promotions
  • Representing the Promotions committee

Have any questions, ideas, or suggestions for Stephen? Feel free to contact him at sdoulas@carthage.edu

Director of Administration- Thomas Weir

The Director of Administration is responsible for keeping all meeting minutes for every CAB meeting. Other duties of the Director of Administration include: 

  • Planning Bingo!!
  • Pinterest Nights
  • Trivia Nights
  • Representing the Homegrown committee
Have any questions, ideas or suggestions for Thomas? Feel free to contact him at tweir@carthage.edu

Director of Event Planning- Hailey Morgan

The Director of Event Planning takes care of all movies and movie events. Hailey picks out movie options each week for the CAB members and the student body to vote on. Other duties of the Director of Event Planning include:
  • Organizing hospitality strategy for all performers
  • Representing the Mainstage Committee
Have any question, ideas or suggestions for Hailey?  Feel free to contact her at hmorgan@carthage.edu

CAB Advisor- Lance Thompson

The CAB advisor works closely with all of the members of the Executive Board and General Board to plan events for the student body. Lance handles the booking and scheduling of acts and homegrown events. Other duties include:
  • Managing the budget for CAB
  • Meeting individually with E-board members about their duties
  • Overseeing the E-board meetings