We are Carthage Activities Board!

From movies to musicians, the Carthage Activities Board has it all. Known for bringing wide varieties of entertainment to Carthage, CAB is one of the largest organizations on campus. It selects, plans, promotes, and produces most of the campus events.

The mission of CAB is to... 
 strive to provide the Carthage community with fun and free activities as an alternative to alcohol or drug use. Our activities will be seen as entertaining, diverse, and stimulating by our peers. The Carthage Activities Board will be viewed as a group that creates a fun atmosphere that brings people together. We aim to always be welcoming and open to all, while being well organized and professional. To fulfill our mission, we will recruit volunteers who are dependable and positive individuals who give input and support the organization. As executive members of the Carthage Activities Board we hope to accomplish our mission while developing leadership skills, gaining responsibility and experience, as we serve as role models and a resource to our members and the entire campus community. 

 Stay up to date with all things CAB!
Twitter: @cabevents
Facebook: Carthage Activites Board
Snapchat: cabevents
Instagram: CarthageActivitiesBoard: CAB

Want to join us? 
You can be a cabbie too! CAB is open and welcome to all Carthage students! Come to our meetings and find out what being a cabbie is all about!

Meeting every Monday night @ 9:30pm in TWC 128C!

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