~*~*~*Welcome to Mrs. Steinman's Class*~*~*~ 

Our Vision at East

At East Carteret High School we will attain the highest level of academic knowledge through an engaging and relevant curriculum that fosters 21st Century Learning. The faculty will clearly communicate high expectations for all students, in order to promote student responsibility. East Carteret students will be equipped with 21st Century life skills and character values. 
Our Mission
East Carteret High School’s mission is to create a supportive community of learners which empowers students to be productive and responsible citizens.

Mrs. Steinman’s 2015-2016 Schedule

Fall Semester:

1st period: Honors American History I

2nd period: American History I

3rd period: Planning

4th period: Honors American History I


Spring Semester:

1st period: Honors American History II

2nd period: Planning

3rd period: Honors American History II

4th period: American History II