Revolutionary War Project

1.  Each student will be responsible for turning in their own work, all completed work will be turned in at one time on  Monday, October 3
2.  You may complete as many of the activities listed below and any combination of activities to help you reach 100 points.  You may receive up to 10 points in extra credit. 
3.  You are encouraged to be as creative as possible within the guidelines of each activity.

Activity                                                                                                                               Point Value
Create a set of trading cards for the people who played major roles in the events
leading up to the war and during the war itself.  Must include: at least 10                            15 points
cards, 3 different facts on each subject, and a picture of subject.

Design a three-dimensional timeline with the significant events of the Revolutionary
War.  Must include:  at least 10 important dates and have at least 2 sentences                     15 points
explaining why date is important.  

Create a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts the qualities of the Colonies before 
and after the war.  Must include:  at least 6 items in each section of the diagram and be       20 points
neatly completed.  

Create a newspaper article that could have appeared in an English newspaper that
details the events that led up to the war.  Must include: picture with caption that supports    30 points
the article, at least 3 paragraphs in length.  

Interview one of the people who played a significant role in the American Revolution.  
Focus on the reasons behind his or her actions.  Must include:  at least 8 questions with       25 points
full answers.  

Create a poster detailing what you think is the most important event in the war.  Must
include:  description of the event, why it happened, and reason for why you think it is the     25 points
most important event of the war, at least 3 different pictures

Create a WebQuest for the major battles in the Revolutionary War.  Include present-day,
as well as historical, information about these locations.  Must include at least 7 different     30 points
battles using at least 5 different web sites.  Each web site must have at least 3 questions.

Design a PowerPoint or Prezi that outlines the most important people of the war.  Must 
include: at least 8 different people, a picture and 1 sentence biography of each person,         20 points
address why YOU think the person was important enough to be put in your presentation.

Create a cartoon/comic strip that discusses the important events that lead up to the 
war.  Must have:  at least 6 different cells, include color, and include meaningful dialogue.    15 points 

Student choice: come up with your own idea and submit, in writing, what you want to do,
what exactly you will learn from doing it, and exactly what you plan on doing.                        20 points