Ms. Donna Bowles

Alice: “Where should I go?"

The Cheshire Cat: "That depends on where you want to end up."

-Lewis Carroll-

Contact me: donna.bowles@carteretk12.org

Honors English II: SUMMER READING 2018


SAT/ACT PREP COURSE offered at CHS. SPRING Class begins Thurs. Feb. 7, 6-9 PM. Visit the website for more information and/or a registration form. Click

PROGRESS REPORTS: Sent home with students in the middle of the term. You may also check grades in the Parent Grade Portal.


2nd Semester

1st period: English II

2nd period: Honors English II

3rd period: Planning

4th period: Honors English II

CLUBS room 133

The Diversity Club

Young Democrats of America Club

Kindness in Motion Club