Technology learning is exciting!

By integrating technology into your classroom, you are presenting your students with the opportunity to exercise 21st century skills. Well-designed lessons that integrate technology allow students to think critically, be creative, collaborate with one another and engage in meaningful communication. These are the skills that will be essential as they move beyond school.

This website will host a collection of resources to help you integrate technology into your classroom, and to collaborate with your colleagues on technology use. More resources will be added, including professional development workshops, videos, and tutorials. Please check back regularly to revisit the skills you have learned and to explore the new information.

Technology Tool Spotlight:

Lino (http://en.linoit.com) - Lino allows you to create a poster board of digital sticky notes and shared photos. This tool is available for all devices (tablets, phones, computers) and could be used to create a digital portfolio over a subject or as a collection point for student research. Students could engage in researching a topic and overtime compile the information they have found on a Lino. They could also use a Lino to create a learning "time line" that shows when and how they learned particular information or skills.

Zaption (https://www.zaption.com) - Zaption is an interactive video platform that turns online videos into interactive experiences. Using Zaption, teachers can integrate quizzes, comments, and discussions into their content videos.  This creates a more meaningful classroom experience for students because it provides the opportunity to stop and reflect upon subject matter. Teachers can assess their students' understanding during the video while it is still fresh, rather than waiting until after the video has finished and multiple ideas/subjects have been introduced to the students.