About the Educator


I am beginning my thirty-first year as an educator. The past twenty-seven years have been spent working at Carrollton City Schools. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Speech-language Pathology and Audiology and a Master's degree in Speech-language Pathology. I currently hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I also hold a professional license through the State of Georgia and an active teaching certificate in Speech-language Pathology from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. While working at Carrollton City Schools, I have had the pleasure to work with students in every grade level, PK-12, and it is impossible to determine my favorite grade. I have enjoyed working and being a team member at each school location and was once honored as a Teacher of the Year at Carrollton Elementary School. Two years during my career at CCS were spent as an Instructional Technology Coach. I love technology and learned so much during those two years as an IT Coach. The past two years I have added the position of Families in Transition Coordinator to my job duties of Speech Pathologist.  


I work as the speech therapist for Carrollton Junior High School and Carrollton High School. My students are the coolest kids in the world! Finding the best schedule for older students is very important. I work with students at the Junior High during "flex time" which is an ungraded part of the school day schedule. The speech room location is new this year and will be located beside the computer lab, which will be easily accessible by both seventh and eighth grade students. A portion of my week is spent as a co-teacher in Mrs. Chapman's class. Co-teaching allows me to be able to work with all of the students in her fabulous classroom which is one of the many highlights of my week. At Carrollton High School and the PLC, the students and I work together to find the best time during the school week for them to attend speech therapy. The speech room is centrally located within the media center. I have had the pleasure of working with several of my high school students over seven years. Once a student transitions to high school, I consider them family. I am also allowed to work with all of the students in Mr. Zaideman's class and Mr. Galloway's class. Co-teaching is an awesome experience and these gentlemen always make me feel like a part of the class.  


In addition to working as an SLP, I am also the Families in Transition Coordinator for Carrollton City Schools. In this position I am responsible for supporting the needs of the homeless student population throughout the district and ensuring the delivery of mandated services to facilitate student’s attendance and access to an appropriate education. I interpret the laws relating to homeless students; work as a team member to develop intervention strategies; provide case management; monitor student progress; and make referrals to appropriate school or community resources. I also act as a resource to school staff and conduct related training to school personnel and throughout the community of Carrollton.   

I also am the Special Education Parent Mentor. I hope  to enhance communication and collaboration between families, educators and the community, ultimately leading to greater success for students with disabilities. There will be many opportunities for parents to gain useful information that is important to parents of students with disabilities.  The calendar of events will be able to be located on this website.

I am married with a son and a daughter who are both in their 20's and are past graduates of Carrollton High School. I love learning about new technology and spending time with my family, friends, and a very spoiled dog.  Jenny is  black lab and the best dog in the whole world! 

I am excited about beginning a new school year and look forward to creating a successful and warm learning environment for students!