About the Teacher

     Mr. Ellison is currently in his 30th year of teaching. He is a graduate of Auburn University and holds gifted certification in addition to his degree in secondary mathematics. He is currently in his 22nd year with Carrollton High School.
     Although Mr. Ellison's self-proclaimed passion is Euclidean Geometry, he is thrilled to be teaching SAT Prep and loves the challenge SAT questions present. The chance to push students to extend themselves and truly approach ideas from a problem-solving perspective is one of the most exciting parts of teaching.
     With more than a decade of experience in preparing students for the SAT/ACT, Mr. Ellison has honed his critical reading and writing skills. He is comfortable challenging his students to take reading and writing practice tests with him to see if they can outscore him. He does admit to feeling he has an advantage based on his years of experience and also because his wife is an English Lecturer at the University of West Georgia and he has learned much about literature and language from her.
     Mr. Ellison's eccentric love of Hawaiian shirts and black socks with sandals are well known at CHS. He is a voracious reader and a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and super heroes. He has been a fan of Doctor Who since he discovered it in the 80’s and has met six of the actors who portrayed the Doctor.