Noah Brewer
IB Coordinator, English Instructor
Room 708
Email: noah [dot] brewer [at] carrolltoncityschools [dot] net
Twitter: @Brewers_Class

About Me
I am an English teacher at Carrollton High School, and I also act as Coordinator for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and teach the IB Theory of Knowledge course.  I  am entering my 10th year teaching English, including seven years here at CHS (2006-2010, 2012-2015) and two teaching Freshman Composition at The University of Georgia (2010-2012).  I have also taught English 1102 at the University of West Georgia (2012). 

Because I teach English, It may seem a commonplace to say that I love to read. However, my academic interests (and thus my preferred reading material) branch far outside the standard domain of The Literary.  In addition to fiction, which I do read and enjoy, I love to read books on mathematical theory, theoretical physics, sociology and critical theory. I often say that I chose English as an area of study because it gave me an excuse to study and synthesize pretty much anything I wanted.  And indeed, my undergraduate and graduate studies included film studies, media theory, information theory, chaos mathematics and complexity, urban planning, anthropology, political science, art, design, and engineering. If there's one thing I'm interested in its is being interested in a lot of things.

My wife, Beth, is also a teacher, and together we have three children. Will, 6, loves to read and draw. Together, we are three books into the Cam Jansen series. Daniel, 3, currently really enjoys pretending to be a cat. Elise, 1, just started pointing to her nose and her belly button.

I have made Carrollton my home. Beth and I agree that it is a great place to raise our three children. However, I was not born here.  I grew up in West Cobb County, where my parents had built a house on a lake in the woods. Though I have lived in several places (including North Carolina and Athens, GA) and traveled even more broadly (from Guatemala to Greece), my perspective on life is still shaped by the time I spent at the creek in the woods catching pollywogs with Jimmy Trock.