Welcome to the Carroll Community Schools Technology Integration Page.  I hope you will find my resources useful and helpful in your classroom.  If you have any questions or would like to setup a time to meet to further learn about technology, please book a time with me by clicking on this link:
https://ccsdtech.youcanbook.me/ or visit the tab Book Appointment and view my calendar.

The Web Tools are arranged by buildings and the list is always updating.  So, please make sure you continue to check back to view the latest sites or apps. Also,  TQ Resources are presentations that I have shared at previous sessions.  

I am also starting something new with showcasing a classroom that is integrating technology called Tiger Spotlight.  Please check back weekly to see what is happening in the district regarding technology.  If you are planning on using technology or already had a great project, please contact me to help spread the word.  My goal is to create a sharing community not only in our buildings, but our entire school district!  

If you don't have a Twitter account, I would highly recommend creating an account.  I gather a lot of information from other educators around the world.  So follow me on Twitter @schulzkelli.  Also, let's all get connected using #ccsdchat for educators to share and #ccsdtigerpride to share positives throughout the district.