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Mr. Thomas Desjardins ~ K-8 Principal

5-2-1-0 Let’s Go! is conducting a brief survey with the families of our partner schools and we need your help to reach them! The survey is about awareness and knowledge of Let’s Go! and 5-2-1-0. We will keep the survey open for four weeks from October 15th through November 9th.


What’s in it for your school?

·         The potential of winning $1,000 for your Let’s Go! school!



Attention all families—please take this five minute survey from The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing and five lucky winners across the state will each receive a $100 gift card for their personal use AND our school will receive $1,000 if you win. Other schools are participating, so the more families from our school who complete the survey, the greater our chance of winning $1,000! Contact information for the drawing will be collected at the end of the survey and will not be connected to your survey responses. All survey responses are anonymous. Click the following link to begin the survey:

Thank you!



·         You can share this block of text and survey link with your families as often as you would like between October 15th and November 9th to increase participation. This will increase your school’s chance of winning the $1,000.



Our school has teamed up with Let's Go!, a nationally recognized program.  
5 or more fruits & vegetables a day
2 hours or less of recreational screen time
1 hour or more of physical activity
0 sugary drinks, and more water

For more information about 5-2-1-0 Let's Go!, visit


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