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May 2016

posted May 5, 2016, 12:21 PM by Fonville Hayes

To my friends in Christ,

     What a glorious time to be involved with this church! I have always seen how powerful it is when a person gets a “calling” as to some service or activity for our Lord God. What I love to see in particular is when this “calling” is not only an inward call, that being where the person hears from the Holy Spirit as to a direction to go in, but that they also receive an outward call. Now the outward call is where someone outside of that desire that is within that persons own heart, that they will either do something or say something, that in itself is confirming that which the Holy Spirit has already asked you to do. I rejoice because this is exactly what is happening within the church.

     For sure the calling to have more Bible study is a calling a lot of folks here are in agreement on. So we are in agreement, so where is the outward calling? When folks outside the membership of this church are asking as to when the Ladies Bible study begins, when folks who belong to other churches show up and enquire as to starting a Bible study here at this church that is the outward confirmation of the inward calling that we encourage Bible study here at this church. We have been encouraging folks to read thru the Bible each year and many are doing just that. We are starting to reap that which we have sowed. The more we read the Bible the more we want to study the Bible. The more we study the Bible, the more we want to share the Bible, thus we have Bible studies. By the way one does not have to be an expert in Biblical studies to lead a Bible study, all you have to be is called, called by The Holy Spirit.

     Another of those callings, I think, has been the inward call of this church to be a safe haven. I think we have been called to be a safe place for special needs families, single mothers, single dads, folks in crisis, families in general, yes a safe haven. And there are a lot of folks here within the church who feel that same calling, but all of which is within the church. So where is that all powerful outward calling being confirmed? Churches have donated money and resources toward the safe haven here at this church. People outside this church, members of other churches have donated material for this safe haven at this church. Various other ministries outside of this church have donated greatly material for this safe haven. Various professionals have volunteered their time (a lot of time) in providing a safe haven here at this church. I would estimate that at this time we have had over $7,000 in fixtures (vanities, light fixtures, etc.), $3,000 in material (wood, screws, nails, etc.), and $4,000 in labor all donated for the safe haven project. This is the outward confirmation of the inward calling that we become a safe haven church.

     If you would like to be a part of this great calling out of God’s people, there are many opportunities available. Start a Bible study, the church will provide all of the materials you need and all of the support you need. Volunteer your time here at the church. The playground equipment needs painting. The playground grass needs to be cut and attended to in general. There are always opportunities to pick up sticks in the yard. We have one member who comes up and cuts the whole field for us already. They are numerous opportunities to just clean up areas here at the church inside. There are going to be opportunities for all types of small and large projects for the next two years here at this church. Now if you can’t be a part of the labor, then maybe you would want to buy a 5 gallon bucket of paint ($120), or a doorknob set ($12). But more importantly please be in prayer for this church, this community in which we live, this congregation, this pastor, that together we would be that lighthouse on that rock, that safe haven, whereas those who are lost would see this church as an open door church, a church with open hands willing to receive them in and with open hearts waiting to love them all the way to the cross.

                                                                       Gerald Castlebury

PS: Please know how appreciative I am of the beautiful old wooden wagon that was given to me by this congregation. This was a great surprise. This was a great gift. Talk about the inward calling and then the confirmation, this was it for sure. The Holy Spirit led me to preach on how to gracefully accept blessing/gifts the week prior to this gift and so when the wagon was presented, it was like the Holy Spirit saying to me, “Got you!”