Carmel Family Church Directory

Carmel Community (formerly AccessACS) is a secure, web-based companion to Carmel's database that allows registrants to access information over the Internet and from mobile devices. 

The church directory is available on a secure server with password protection. 
     The Carmel Family can access the directory online in one of two ways. Both methods access the directory via Carmel Community . Once you have a Carmel Community  username and password, you can use it to log in on the web or the Carmel Community smartphone APP called "ACS Church Life."

Carmel Community Setup Guide

To create an account for Carmel Community, follow the instructions below. You must be a member of the church or a Sunday Bible study community and have a valid email address in our records. If you have recently updated your email and need to notify us of the change or verify what is in our records, please email: 

After creating an account, users can:

  • Verify or change information such as address, phone, email, etc. Changes can be submitted directly through the online application.
  • View an online directory of the church congregation. (Users may choose an option not to have their information available to others.)
  • Download a mobile application to access the church directory. An account with AccessACS is required to use the mobile app.
Go to the Carmel Community Login Page:
  1. Click on the following link to go to Carmel Community's home page:
  2. The Carmel Community login screen will display.
  3. Bookmark (add as favorite) this page in your browser for future use. You will return here to login and access your church directory. 
  4. Click Need a login? Click here. (See the illustration to the right.)